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Tapez radiofrance 3. Puis choisissez entre: france inter, france culture ou france musique 4. Cliquez sur: ecouter ou ecouter en direct.


Send contributions to suzanne. We will be presenting new prints on most of the films in the series. August 25, RSVP à Dave, Alternate contact: Jan Half, la fondatrice, groupe francais, jandot5 mac. Discover the enchantments of the Luxembourg Gardens and Place des Vosges; follow the author as he tracks Modigliani and Coco Chanel, encounters the Michelin Man, and finds legions of the dog-obsessed in the world's favorite city. Staged reading. August Left Bank celebrates the taste of summer with a three day special dinner menu of heirloom tomato dishes, personne August 25, 26 and 27th.

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