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It's beyond belief. But how many more Yolandas will we have to see before they realise, our climate is not for sale? We're standing in solidarity with Philippines negotiator Yeb Saño as he fasts for an ambitious deal in Warsaw, but for that to happen then governments must accept the climate belongs to all of us and not a few rich polluters. The UN and its chief Christiana Figueres have shown us by kicking out the three young people from the talks that they're happier listening to the polluting fossil fuel industry than youth who really care about tackling climate change. Youth get removed from the talks for standing in solidarity with the tragedy unfolding in the Philippines while the coal and gas companies pay to drape their logos around the conference hall. We have to face up to the planetary emergency but Figueres and the UN are walking in the complete wrong direction. The imbalance of power between the public and large corporations can be seem in all of them, where profit is put before people, the environment and the climate, making the task of kicking corporations out of the COP and out of the UN all the more important if we want to avoid being little more than a corporate auction. Youth are making their voices heard inside and outside the talks, but this is an issue that cuts across all generations.

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