Your Accounting Degree Doesn’t Stop After Graduation

Published April 29, 2014

So you have graduated with your accounting degree and for the briefest moment there is that lovely feeling when you think you may not need to pick up a book again! Unfortunately this is not the case, as a professional you need to keep abreast of the competition, changes in legislation and tax regulations.

Most states require some type of continuing education and it is important to keep your portfolio up to date if you wish to make advancements in your career. If you don’t continue your education your license might be revoked which means that you will not be able to practice as an accountant.

Continuing professional education does not have to be a laborious task, there are many short courses or credits that you can gain which can actually be quite fun and allow you to network with like-minded others. Different accounting associations will have set requirements of the types of learning that count towards your learning credits, and this may be as minimal as 120 credits gained over 3 years.

Credits can be gained from attending workshops, seminars and other CPE events, and you may find that your employer will fund these for you, as it is in their interests that you are able to continue working. It is important that you keep records of all learning events that you attend, and this is good practice as it will illustrate to potential new employers that you are up to date with current practices. There may be periods of time that you are exempt from CPE, this includes retirement, currently working in the military, leave of absence or if you are unable to find work.

Alternatively you may wish to pursue a master’s degree to allow you to specialise in a certain field, with the likely hood that you would see a big jump in your salary as your expertise grows.
CPE is important as it displays your competence and proficiency in new concepts and techniques. Part of your CPE should be on the subject of ethics with regard to financial management and accounting.

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