Why You Should Put Your Kids to Karate Classes

Published November 24, 2017


Karate is one kind of martial arts that has been introduced in Okinawa during the late 1300s and has been practiced by many Ryukyuans as part of their combat training. The term ‘Karate’ means “Chinese-hand” but is now translated as “empty-hand”. These days, karate is a widely-known form of self defense. Many people of any age are learning this martial art for the purpose of honing their physical skills and learning valuable self defense techniques. Studies have shown that learning karate at a young age would not only help them defend themselves, but also develop their mental, physical and emotional skills. Here are the different benefits of learning karate for young kids.

  1. Kids learn self-discipline

One of the best benefits that children can gain from having karate training is self-discipline. During training, kids have to follow commands from a coach or an instructor. They are given rules that have to be strictly followed. The commands and instructions are able to let the kids control their impulses, emotions, desires and also behavior for them to achieve realistic goals one step at a time.

  1. Karate develops their self-confidence

Children are usually easily pressured by peers and bullied in school because of many various reasons. With the help of the training in martial arts, kids can build up their confidence. Because of the programs that are part of the training, the children are able to achieve goals, encouraged, and respected. They become more competent and unshakable. They are able to build a more positive self-image.

  1. Karate promotes focus and concentration in children

Through the commands and instructions given by trainers or instructors, children who participate in karate training are able to focus more and listen in class. They learn how to pay attention to details and follow directions. Children with ADHD have been observed to have developed concentration and self-control with the help of the programs provided in karate trainings.

  1. Kids become more independent

Although children have to follow strict guidelines during training, it allows them to rely on themselves during competitions. They learn how to think of strategies on their own in order for them to succeed. Aside from that, they also have to work by a set of rules.

  1. Strengthens their bodies

In karate, a trainee would do some stretching, warming up, drills, and many techniques that involve the movement of different parts of the body. By karate training, children would be able to work on their entire body as they grow. They are able to make their bones and muscles stronger and keep them in shape. Kids who have been training longer have fought one of the biggest health concerns in children these days which is obesity. Karate, or any kind of martial arts, is a fundamental foundation for a growing child as it helps him or her develop physically and mentally. The training that they would undergo would guide them to a successful future. You can learn more about martial arts at https://martialartsweaponstraining.com/ .


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