Why Gasoline-Powered Leaf Blowers Are Better

Published December 14, 2017

2There are various kinds of leaf blowers. But, they can be categorized into two main types: electric leaf blowers and gasoline-powered leaf blowers. Electric leaf blowers can either be cordless or corded. Though both are usually handheld, the former uses a battery instead of the direct electrical source. Most electric blowers are lightweight since they don’t have all the motors and parts that the other kind of blower has. A lot of homeowners use this type of blower to deal with leaves and sand on their patio, walkway, driveway and smaller areas around the house. However, because of the need of long extension cords for some, it makes it difficult for them to be used in wider areas.


On the other hand, gasoline-powered leaf blowers are those that use fuel to power up the engine that runs the machine. These blowers require manual pulling to be cranked up. However, you could actually buy a separate device that could be used in eliminating the pull cord. There are different guidelines regarding the fuel and the right mix to be done depending on the kind of gasoline-powered leaf blower. Blowers that use gasoline can be great for cleaning up large areas and can be used for a long period of time. Landscapers and homeowners alike choose handheld gasoline-powered leaf blowers because of their portability.

Below are the different benefits of gasoline-powered leaf blowers explained in detail.

More Powerful

A gasoline-powered leaf blower can produce more power than its electric counterpart. Aside from just moving dry leaves and sand, this kind of blower can easily blow away wet leaves, twigs and even some heavy debris from the ground. It could also be used to move aside thick snow that could cover your pathways.

Longer Running and Wider Coverage

Unless you have an extension cord that would allow you to move your blower to the very edge of your wide yard, having a gasoline-powered blower is still better. Aside from its power, it can also run longer than battery-powered ones. Most landscapers choose this type of blower because they have to work on wide areas for a long period of time.

More Mobile

Mobility is important when working in the yard. You would need to move from end to end to make sure that all the leaves and other debris are placed in a single area for easier clean up. Some electric leaf blowers are not really appropriate for this kind of job as they require you to bring along long extension cords. The cords are dangerous since you could easily trip on them or they can get tangled as you move around. A gas-powered blower eliminates the need for such cords, making it easier for you to move around.


Even if you use them every day, gasoline-powered blowers would still be able to work better than others. As long as it is maintained well, you wouldn’t have any problems when it comes to the frequency of using them. That is why most landscapers use such blower to make their jobs easier and much more efficient. You should¬†read more here¬†to know about the best handheld blower in the market.


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