Why Fitness Freaks Must Consider The Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Published September 27, 2017

withings smart body analyser for fitness freaks

The 21st century is home to some of the most innovative technological tools even know in the history of man. An excellent example would be the various fitness tools and gadgets that are making it easier for people to maintain their health habits and good lifestyles. The following is a compilation of some of the reasons why fitness freaks must consider the withings smart body analyzer. This machine can read the body stats, and it can also sync your fat composition, heart rate and environment data to a personalized GUI that is accessible through an app. It also has wireless connectivity capabilities, which makes tracking your weight regime a simple procedure. Some of the main features of this health management device include:

Fully body knowledge and perfect for several users

The smart body analyzer plays an important role in understanding your body’s stats. It tracks your weight and body compositions. More so, this machine will also help you to understand variations of the lean fat ratios, reveal trends to help you become more aware and track your Body Mass Index. Designed to suit the needs of the whole family, the Smart Body Analyzer makes it simple to create a user profile for everyone in your home. In fact, it comes with automatic recognition features of the user on the scale and allows for as many as eight different users to enjoy the device features.

Heart rate measurement and Bluetooth connectivity

Additionally, this unit can also monitor your heart rate. If your heart rate reduces over time, then this means you are improving your overall health and fitness. With the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity, this app is simple to set up and use. It is compatible with Android devices and the Apple Watch as well. More so, it also allows users to access smart networks with just a simple click and with automatic syncing features to match.

Indoor air quality monitoring

Further lending the fully functional design of this unit is that it performs continuous checks on air quality and the levels of carbon dioxide in the air. To top it all off, it also allows users to receive notifications of any high readings, to inform you to let in fresh air on your property

Compact coaching

Moreover, this unit allows users to access their data from almost any location and to set specific weight goals, to start a coaching regime. The app is compatible with as many 160 apps including LoseIT and Runkeeper as well. The app can also evaluate and compare your daily calorie intake, thanks to the inclusion of the Myfitnesspal app.


In concluding all the important factors, there is no space for poor decision making when it comes to managing your health goals. It’s important that you invest in the appropriate mechanical tools since these will play an important role in how well you can meet your unique weight management goals. The Withings smart analyzer is one of these tools, and it provides various benefits for your needs.

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