When Thinking of Buying a Kukri

Published February 26, 2018


It sounds rather counter-productive, but in an age where electronic devices are standard fixtures for modern campers, primitive tools like blades still have their places for outdoors use. One of the most popular bladed tools today is the kukri. It’s a distinct looking blade with equally distinct advantages over other more familiar blades like the hatchet and machete. In fact, there are a lot of blade enthusiasts who consider the kukri as a hybrid of machete and hatchet. The curved blade makes using of the kukri feel as if it were a machete, yet the look and weight distribution still feel like that of a machete.


Obviously, for anyone who is not familiar with using this blade will think that it’s less efficient in comparison to the machete and hatchet. But that perception is actually the opposite. It’s extremely useful for camping trips. It’s the blade of choice of several military units all across the globe. That in itself says a lot. But just because a kukri is infamous for its efficiency and overall usefulness, doesn’t mean it’s a wise idea to just outright buy one from a local store. It’s a dangerous tool in the inexperienced’s hands, and even more dangerous if it’s built below standards.


One important thing to consider when buying a kukri, whether for casual or heavy outdoor use, is to ask and confirm whether the material used for the blade is top notch. High carbon steel is typically considered as the best option around since it’s made from recycled materials of trucks and motorcycles. This material can withstand unimaginable abuse. Granted, it’s not abused for the sake of abuse, per say, but from normal use. And when we talk about a knife for outdoor use, normal use typically crosses over the boundaries of tool abuse. It’s hard to look anyone in the eye with a straight face and state confidently that splitting wood isn’t bordering on tool abuse. But a kukri made of high carbon steel can take it without any problems at all.


The notion that modern kukris are excellent tools generally stems from the fact that most manufacturers create them with quality in mind. Most knife makers are passionate in their trade. Not surprising at all since the effort needed to make a single knife can be quite daunting. It requires pounding of red-hot steel multiple times. Yes, that means working near a hot furnace while using controlled strength.


On that note, knife buyers should consider buying handmade kukris instead of ones that come out from a machine. Mass-produced has its own advantages – but these advantages are typically for the manufacturer’s benefit. Handmade kukris are made with a great deal of passion and attention.


The only issue with buying handmade knives is probably the fact that it’s harder to find one in stores. Fortunately, we’re living in a time where buying something doesn’t have to be limited to what the local store can provide. The Internet can help in finding genuine kukri considerably.

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