What’s Not So Fruity For Dogs!

Published August 19, 2014

Dog Holding Mouthful of GrapesDogs are known to be some of the least pickiest eaters as they’ll eat anything from their own food to table scraps and even dead animals. With that said there are a few things that you should keep away from your dog. One of the most popular foods to keep away from dogs is chocolate. Chocolate poisoning is extremely common in pups who get into the wrong snacks. Irresponsible dog owners will accidentally leave out candy bars, and then find their dog with symptoms like diarrhea, excessive vomiting, and an extremely high heart rate.

Now normally fruit is okay for dogs; bananas and even strawberries are popular treats for dogs. One of my favorite treats to give my dog is a bowl of ice cream with some chopped up strawberries in it. While you should never overwhelm your dog with any one kind of food, fruits in moderation are completely find – that is as long as it’s not grapes. Grapes are extremely toxic to dogs and under no circumstance should you be feeding your dog grapes. Even just a single grape can leave your dog in a world pain as kidney failure is a very popular result. Some tells that your dog may have grape toxicity are loss of appetite, inability to urinate, and lack of energy.

At this point it’s still unclear what it is exactly in grapes that is toxic to dogs, but it has been discovered that it doesn’t matter what kind of grape it is. Seedless grapes, red grapes, it doesn’t matter. Normally scientists have been able to pin-point the exact toxin as they have for onions, garlic, chocolate, and macadamia nuts, but grapes have been eluding them thus far. Drying out the grapes doesn’t help either as raising too will cause kidney failure. One of the worst things about grape poisoning is the fact that the toxin, whatever it is, is water-soluble. This means that once the dog consumes it, it spread very easily throughout the body and is absorbed by the dog. This means that no amount of vomiting or excretion can stop the toxic from going straight to the kidneys and attacking them.

I highly recommend that you all be responsible dog owners. Part of owning a pet is watching out for it and monitoring its eating habits. If you have children or other people that are around your dog, make sure they know what foods not to leave out. Like I said, most fruits are okay, but grapes are one of the most toxic foods to dogs, just second to chocolate itself.

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