What You Need to Know and Do Before Buying a Bearded Dragon

Published January 9, 2018



A bearded dragon is a great pet to have. They are extremely friendly and gentle with their owners. In fact, they are the most affectionate of the lizards. If you are thinking of getting a bearded dragon as a pet, you should prepare the following to make sure that the new addition to the family would feel welcome.

  1. Know All About Bearded Dragons

Before you even think of taking care of bearded dragons, or any pet for that matter, make sure that you have enough knowledge about them so you would know how to take care of them the right way. Do not attempt to bring home a pet without even learning what kind of environment they came from, their type of food, their behavior and more.

  1. Set Up The Bearded Dragon’s Home

For your new pet to enjoy living in its new home, you should provide a wide glass enclosure that is located in a permanent area in the house. Make sure that a part of the terrarium is exposed to sun light. If not, you might want to provide UV light above one end of the enclosure. There should be heat bulbs to make sure that the enclosure is warm enough, but not too hot. The terrarium should already have a hide box, substrate, food and water bowls, basking perch and thermometer. The hide box can be any protective covering for your bearded dragon to hide in or cool off. It should be placed away from where the sun or light is on. Basking perches, on the other hand, should be right where your pet could absorb the most UV light. It could be a dry branch or rocks. You can choose playground sand or ‘reptile sand’ for your substrate to prevent your pet from swallowing them. Be sure that all the things the bearded dragon needs in its habitat is all set up before bringing the pet home.

  1. Prepare Food and Water

Make sure that you have clean water and food bowls inside the enclosure. It is not recommended to put the food directly on the substrate as the lizard might ingest some of the sand or other substrate materials. Before your bearded dragon is placed inside its new habitat, food and water should be readily available. You might spook the animal if you put the food when it’s already in the enclosure. You can chop some vegetables and fruits, for starters. Sprinkle some calcium and vitamin supplements on the food. You can check here to¬†read about what bearded dragons eat. Taking care of a pet should be taken seriously in order for them to live their fullest. A bearded dragon can be one of the easiest pets to take care of, but they still require some maintenance like cleaning of the tank, feeding, taking it to the vet regularly, giving it affection and more. Make sure that you have enough time and patience before you think of purchasing a bearded dragon as a pet.

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