Vacuum Cleaners and Their Uses

Published December 26, 2017



It pays to know what you want to vacuum in your house of office before you start shopping for a vacuum cleaner. This way, it will be easier for you to narrow down your options. Here are some things you need to know about vacuum cleaners and their uses:

  1. For Carpet cleaning

Dirt, dust and debris can be stuck on the carpet and getting rid of them can be such a challenge. This is especially true for thick carpets. So make sure that you buy a vacuum cleaner that matches the amount of stubborn dirt in your floors and carpets. For large carpeted areas, a more powerful vacuum is a must. For deep cleaning, you will need a rotating brush that will dig into the carpet and get rid of dirt.

  1. Commercial vs. Home Cleaning

If you want to buy a vacuum cleaner for home use, go for a slightly smaller one. They can be less powerful but they are just enough to clean the carpets in your home. Since businesses have offices, storefront or shop, vacuuming needs will differ as well. A lot of people come and go to these places so you can expect a lot of mess to build up. Hence, a more powerful vacuum cleaner is needed in business establishments.

  1. Hard Floors

Amidst the beauty of the floor, they are not left without any flaw. They can be scratched with a poor vacuum cleaner used. So look for the best vacuum canister that works best on hardwood floors. If you use a high-quality type of steam mop, your floor will surely shine well. The vacuum with non-marking wheels is also a preferable option. This prevents creation of possible dings, flows and scratches. A brush roll feature will also work best on hard floors since it allows the movement from carpets to rugs with ease.

  1. Stairs

Cleaning stairs can be hard, especially when using a vacuum cleaner. But there are vacuum cleaners that are specially made for stairs. Choosing the upright and handheld models can be best. Just buy a small size vacuum cleaner so it will be handy enough to lift it up and down the stairs.

  1. Rugs and Mat

If you intend to use the vacuum cleaner for your carpet and rugs, a canister vacuum is the best choice. We can’t deny it that mats and rugs can be used as a highlight of the room’s design. However, keeping it looking clean will require great effort. Upright and handheld models are best for rugs and mats too. Just like the carpet vacuum cleaner, buy a vacuum with rotating brush. This will remove traces of dust, dirt and debris. Depp cleaning can be done with ease using a hand held or upright model.

If you want to know more about vacuum cleaners, justĀ click here. The site has many product reviews on vacuum cleaners. This will help you decide what brand and type to use. And surely, you will find the one that will fit your needs best.


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