Tips for Finding the Best Facial Brush.

Published May 29, 2018

Skincare is not as easy as some people purport it to be. Once you get an acne or when you start aging and you desire to look younger you will know how hard this struggle can be. I have a friend that had tried more than 10 remedies for acne including the ‘natural’ ones without any success. Finding the right cosmetic product in the current market can get you really frustrated. It may have worked for your best friend or even your sister but there is always no guarantee that is will work in the same way for you. The most basic way to keep our skin clean is by washing it regularly. If you want to cleanse your face more effectively don’t just use your hands- scrub it with a brush. Many people will just google ‘the top-rated facial brushes’ and buy the first one that appears on the list. Before you decide to entrust your skin to the information you just found on the internet here are some of the things that you should know about facial brushes.


1. Water-resistance of the brush. There are many top-rated facial brushes that are water-resistant. If you are planning to use this brush when taking a bath in a bathtub you will be in for a surprise. Water resistance and waterproofing are very different terms. A water-resistant brush cannot be submerged in water. Search for a facial brush with a good level of waterproofing if you want to use it inside a bathtub. A water-resistant one will be applicable if you will be using it when taking a shower.

2. Powering up your brush. Before you buy the brush, check on the method in which it is powered. Some brushes are cordless while some are always connected to the socket by a wire. I would personally advice you to buy the cordless one. With it, you will able to maneuver easily in the bathroom. Manufacturers have designed two types of cordless facial chargers. There is one that is rechargeable and there is powered using a battery. If you want to save yourself from the hustles of finding a battery for your facial brush every two to three weeks buy the rechargeable one.

3. Number of speeds. Most of the brushes usually have one or two speeds. The type of your skin will determine the most suitable speed. More speeds with gentle bristles can be quite effective for people with sensitive skin. If you want to cleanse your skin even deeper search for the facial brush with more than two speeds. Before buying it consult with your friends or even professionals to know the impact it is likely to have on your skin.

4. Number of brushes. The number of brushes is another important factor that you should look out for when looking for a facial brush. Research on the kinds of brush it comprises of as a whole. Some may have two kids and others may have more. Depending on your skin and with the help of a professional select the most suitable number of kinds of facial brush.

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