The Vital Reasons Why Dogs Need Proper Hair Grooming

Published March 7, 2018



Dog grooming does not only limit to proper bathing, but it also involves proper hair brushing, proper nail and hair trimming. Even though hair grooming can be very challenging, you should take this responsibility seriously since it is an integral part of the dog’s health. Why dog needs a proper grooming? Here are some of many reasons why proper hair grooming is vital to dog’s health:

  • It helps eliminate or prevent ticks and fleas

One of the common reasons why proper grooming is vital to dog’s health is to eliminate or prevent fleas or tick infestation. Other than discomfort, these parasites can:

  • It carries diseases that can affect both the dog and the dog owner.
  • It may bring out tapeworms to your dogs.

Remember that tapeworms are initially carried by the flea; once these infested fleas are ingested; these fleas will release the tapeworm inside the dog’s stomach and will grow large.

  • It may cause anemia.

According to the experts, a severe flea infestation can cause anemia; since these parasites feed on blood, the dog’s RBC count decreases. Regular bathing is not enough to remove or kill those annoying pests, but regular proper grooming such as trimming, brushing, and applying dog products to the hair will help remove the pest.

  • It helps control shedding

One of the common problems for dogs with double coats is the shedding. According to several experts, the shedding can be reduced or remedied with proper and regular grooming. Brushing the dog’s coat regularly can:

  • Help stimulate the dog’s blood circulation
  • Help stimulate the skin to produce natural oil
  • Remove matting and eliminates tangles
  • It keeps the dog from having ear and eye infection

Dog’s ears and eyes are one of its sensitive parts; while cleaning the ears and eyes regularly is needed, it is also important to trim-out the excess hairs that are growing near the eyes and ears.

According to the experts, excess hairs near the dog’s eyes may cause eye problems; chances are the excess hairs can enter the dog’s eyes, causing irritation, eventually infection. The excess hair inside the dog’s ears, on the other hand, can prevent the owner from clearing the dirt away. Due to restrained ear cleaning, any build-up may cause ear problems or infection if not remedied immediately.

Proper dog hair grooming is vital to the dog’s health, which is one of the reasons why you need to take hair grooming responsibility seriously. To help you with your dog’s hair proper grooming, below are some¬†dog grooming tips & advice¬†that you need to take into serious consideration:

  • Always use the right hair grooming materials
  • Brush the dog’s over-all coat either 5 minutes per day, 10 minutes every after the third day or 30 minutes once a week.
  • Bath the dog once a week to avoid eliminating the natural oil
  • Brush in one direction
  • Take the brushing slowly

There are several ways to proper hair grooming, but what is important is to do it religiously for your dog’s overall health.

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