The Two Sides of Movie Downloads Online

Published December 7, 2017


The prevalence of movie downloads online makes it possible for people to enjoy watching movies without physically going to a theatre. Apart from being economical, the concept frees movie fanatics from the hassle of toeing the long line of people who all desire to get the best seat in the movie house.

Moreover, with TV media boxes, you can stream and download these movies straight from your own TV. The great thing about the media box is you can use your TV much like you would your tablet or desktop computer. Since it’s hooked to your Internet modem and your TV, it allows your TV to function like a computer, so you can install various apps like Facebook and Twitter. You can even install video streaming apps like YouTube and Netflix so you can watch using the app directly on your TV. You can read Android TV Box Reviews online so you’ll know which one would work well for you.

Still, just like in many things, there are two sides to downloading or watching movies online. It offers certain advantages that make a movie lover prefer watching movies downloaded from the Internet instead of the traditional way of going to the cinema house. On the other hand, the disadvantages that come along the way make people remain avid moviegoers who love to watch their favorite movies on the silver screen.

Advantages of Movie Downloads Online

  • It eliminates all the troubles in going to movie and record stores to purchase original copies of any movie. Original copies can be costly and sometimes the desired title is not available in the store.
  • Compared to the convenience of downloading movies online, a movie buff gets full satisfaction of watching movies free regardless of the slight difference in video and audio quality.
  • There are myriads of title selections from the rare, good old black and white classics to recent releases. In fact, some titles are already available online before they hit the theatres.
  • Downloading time allows an individual to leave the computer to perform the process alone. It enables the downloader to attend to other tasks simultaneously, which is  impossible when buying the original copies.
  • After downloading, the movie can be enjoyed for countless times at any comfortable location.
  • Downloaded movies can be carried around if saved on portable devices such as the laptop, netbooks, or Android gadgets.
  • Disadvantages of Movie Downloads Online
  • The primary disadvantage of downloading movies that are available on the Internet is the possibility that certain viruses may accompany the movie files being downloaded.
  • While there are websites that really offer good quality movie titles free, there are sites that have movie selections that have low-resolution, muffled audio and incomplete versions.

Undeniably, being able to watch movie downloads online is one of the best features that the Internet has made available to people, movie fanatics or not. Although certain frustrations escort the downloading process, extra caution is needed before clicking the button to see the buffering lines. That way, great results can be had to enjoy fully a nice movie in the most convenient way.

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