The Price of Peace of Mind!

Published November 22, 2014

The Price of Peace of Mind!

Don’t get me wrong, having a child is easily one of the best experiences that exist and more than makes up for the many struggles you will be faced with – however, having a child is not free. The cost of raising a child can be a substantial sum, not to mention the toll that stress can take on you. Nevertheless, a baby in her infantile stage can cost a pretty penny when you figure the costs of all the things that you will have to buy in order to create a comfortable living environment. That is why it is important that you save as much money as you can whenever you can. These little tips can save you a great amount.

The first piece of advice I must give is that toddler do not care about how much things cost. The aspect of price, value, and cost means nothing to them. They don’t understand that you can’t just go out and buy $100 worth of toys for them. On the flip side, they don’t quite understand that the little toy car you bought special just for him was no more than a dollar. As a parent, you must take advantage of this. Toddlers value things based on how much fun they have with them, not how much they cost. Just like a cat or a dog, a baby can have just as much fun with a ball of tin foil as she can with an expensive toy.

Buying clothes is perhaps where the largest amount of cost comes to because you’re constantly having to buy new clothes to fit the growing body of your dear child. If you plan on having more children, I highly suggest that you buy neutral-gender clothing. That way you can save the clothes from your first child and give them to the other baby, even if the baby is of a different gender; trust me, a 5-month old is not going to worry about wearing hand-me-downs.

Some other hefty prices reside in needed technology for your baby – like baby monitors. I highly suggest getting a baby monitor as it will make your life much easier. However, baby monitors can be quite expensive. This is why I suggest that you don’t go out and get the most expensive monitor. Some of the best monitors have pivoting, 360-degree cameras – if you don’t feel like you need that, then go with something a little more plain like this baby monitor.

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