The Positive Side Of Schools Uniforms

Published August 12, 2014

The Positive Side Of Schools Uniforms

There is often a debate about whether school uniforms are a good idea or not, and there are positives ad negatives to both sides of the argument. School uniforms can be quite costly to buy which can be very off putting to new students and seen as an unnecessary extra expense. On the positive side it can mean that students arrive to school looking smart, and will not be discriminated against due to the clothes they can afford to wear. having a compulsory school uniform can also prevent anxiety in people who are worried if they will fit in with others.

Most schools will already have  a stringent dress code in place and their is an expectation that students will arrive for lectures looking smart and presentable. Dress code can also extend to personal grooming. There may be rules and regulations regarding length of hair, certain styles or whether hair should be tied back etc. Male students will be expected to shave regularly, or if growing a beard to keep it neat and trimmed. There are lots of gadgets available to help the student maintain good grooming habits.

When buying a beard trimmer or electric shaver it is important to check out item reviews, to make sure that it suits your need. Price range is another important consideration, as is portability and versatility of use.

School Uniform’s can help provide students with a sense of identity and belonging. A sense of belonging, with common aims and goals can be very conducive to better behaviour and higher grades. This can be due to people having less distractions around them, and fretting over what to wear. A sense of cohesiveness can prevent bullying, as can people wearing identical articles of clothing. Socioeconomic status is minimised which helps to prevent stress in financially disadvantaged students. Not only is stress for students alleviated, but also stress for parents- no more stroppy teenagers throwing clothes around the bedroom in an aim to find the perfect outfit.

Having a common school uniform also prepares students for the world of work. Many jobs require a uniform to be worn, so preparing students will help to assist students in adapting to a company ethos.

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