The challenges of a first time mother- what it takes to become a mother

Published December 2, 2016

first-time-motherA few years back, I never wanted the thought of being a mother to ever cross my mind. I associated being a mother with staying at home all day attending to boring house chores and so I wanted nothing to do with it. My life was okay and I didn’t want anything that would interfere with it.

I loved fashion and I always kept abreast with the latest in the fashion world. I had a great body which looked great in almost all kinds of clothes. I loved wearing fancy short dresses, shorts, skirts and leggings. Any cloth that would enhance my femininity was good for me.

I changed my wardrobe now and then with the best leggings in the market which I paired with different types of tops.  I could pair my leggings with different types of dresses, skirts and even long tops and jackets which all looked great on me.

I believed that becoming a mother would deny me the opportunity to wear some of my favorite clothes. It would also reduce the time I was spending with friends and my travel opportunities to different destinations especially on holidays. I saw that having a child would just cut short everything that I was passionate about.

I loved adventure just like most of other young ladies. I never wanted to get trapped in the house a whole day doing household chores. However, I was lucky to marry a loving husband who was family oriented and loved kids.

 After a lot of discussion with him and prayer sessions with a few of his friends, I changed my perception and I even became eager to have a family. I however had a lot of fear from inside that almost took a toll on me. I was always worried what it was like being a mother.

When I was pregnant, I was always worried about the clothes I would wear with my growing belly. There were so many things that were going on in my mind and I never seemed to have a solution for any of them.

I can say I was fortunate that my husband had friends who already had their own families. Most of the friends were quite helpful and they helped me to confront most of my fears. They helped me to shop for clothes that I would feel comfortable in and also offered other valuable advice.

Throughout the pregnancy period, leggings became my wardrobe staple for the entire season. They were comfortable and also quite easy to handle than any other attire. I always made sure that I shopped for the best quality since some brands get worn out too easily.

I successfully went through the pregnancy period without a lot of huddles. Then Jayden was born. I felt a kind of love that I have never felt before, the love between a mother and a son.

Today, Jayden is three and a half years old. The only fight we have been having is when he is reluctant to eat greens. As a mother, I understand how important vegetables are to the health of a growing toddler.

One of my friends with a four year old kid introduced me to hummus which she said is a great dip for kids. At first, I was reluctant to introduce Jayden to hummus because of fear of the unknown. However, after searching on the internet by searching the words “is hummus good for you”, I came to learn about the immense health benefits of humus.

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