Spain and Canada University Exchange Programs Have Great Benefits

Published February 3, 2014
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Of the many cultural exchange programs that exist between countries around the world, one of the most fascinating is the relationship between Canada and Spain. While their differences seem quite striking at first, there are actually many similarities in terms of economic, political and higher education areas that make this relationship really work.

There have been over 100 agreements between the two nations which have helped to accentuate this university exchange program. In addition, Canada and Spain have developed closer political and economic relations over the past few decades that make the exchange program even more beneficial.

The History of the Canada/Spain University Exchange Program

This unique exchange program has developed over the past decade into one that now includes hundreds of students each visiting and staying in the other country.

Interestingly enough, students from Spain (officially called The Kingdom of Spain) love to study in Canada and every year many students sign up in the exchange program hoping to be selected. There are a number of reasons why, although the most important may be the language studies which help them improve their language skills in both English and French.

In fact, many Spanish students are given government grants by their home country to go to Canada in order to improve their language skills. Also, Canadian literature, art and cultural diversity are of keen interest to Spanish students as well. The mixture of cultures and languages make Canada an innovated and unique location for many Spanish students.

The Cultural Aspect of the University Exchange Program

The ties between Canada and Spain have certainly strengthened over the years. Today, many aspects of Canadian study and culture are part of many Spanish universities. These cultural ties express themselves in common fields such as immigration, multiculturalism, multilingualism and nationalism. When it comes to international relations, there is a shared interest in Latin American when it comes to bringing a common vision to the region.

One of the most interesting aspects of the cultural exchange is the interest in the Canadian arts as expressed in Spain. Canadian authors such as Margaret Atwood and Leonard Cohen are highly respected in Spain and appreciated by their readers as well. Canadian artists such as Jeff Wall and Edward Burtynsky have their works displayed in Spanish museums and galleries. Even such Canadian acts as Cirque de Soleil is well received and loved by the Spanish people.

The interest in Canadian arts extends to the movie industry as well where Canadian films are greeted with great interest in Spain, helping to ingratiate the cultures even more. Canadian filmmakers like Atom Egoyan and David Cronenberg have produced films that have helped to generate greater collaboration between Canada and Spain. Today, there are several movie and television co-productions between the two nations which have strengthened their ties even more.

Alternative options in the US, or even Puerto Rico, are available for Spanish students thanks to the prevalence of the Spanish and English languages. However, many Spanish students enjoy spending time in Canada and the reverse is true as well, leading to a unique exchange of cultures that is growing every year.

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