Smart Phones for Smart Parenting

Published November 22, 2014

Smart Phones for Smart Parenting

In this day in age, technology is all around us. Not only does technology open the door to so many more things that we can do, but it also takes what we can already do, and does it that much better. Raising a child is one of the biggest tasks imaginable, so who knew that technology could even make it easier? Because of technology, a simple thing like baby monitors has been opened up and explored and made that much better with the use of smart phones. More and more parents are finding that their smart phones can be used as baby monitors, and pretty good baby monitors at that. Not only are you using a device that you most likely more comfortable with than a new baby monitor, but you are also saving yourself a hefty cost. Some of the best baby monitors out there can be several hundred dollars in price.

So what do you need to be able to use your smart phone as a baby monitor? A secure wi-fi connection is mandatory. Baby monitors are prone to being victims of privacy breaches because of the exploitation of the wireless signal, so I highly advise that you get a secure signal with a password. The only other thing you need to get a hub. Your hub is what your phone connects to. Hubs can be costly, but because of how new they are, they are high-quality and will have lots of different features to make monitoring your baby that much more efficient.

One of the biggest questions I get asks how using a smart phone device can compare to other baby monitors. To be honest, using a smart phone is fantastic. It saves you lots of money and everyone says how they love that they can monitor their baby using the device that they already have with them at all times of the day. However, a smart phone is not a baby monitor. Even though it is a fantastic device, smart phones are slightly out-matched when compared to the best baby monitors available. The Dropcam is a personal favorite of mine and is a slightly better device than the use of a smart phone. However, the Motorola MBP36 is a device that I think smart phones are better than. You get a better picture and have better battery life using a smart phone.

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