Shortcuts to Some Household Chores

Published December 12, 2017


Let’s face it, whether you like it or not, you still have to do some household chores every single day. And, every time you do, you would usually wish that they have already invented an affordable robot that would do everything for you or maybe that you could afford to pay a maid or maids to do the chores.


Sometimes, you would also think of just living in a hotel for the rest of your life just so you won’t have to think about all the tiring tasks you need to do. Unfortunately, there isn’t a robot that advanced yet, nor could you be able to pay for people to work for you. You can’t even stay in an expensive hotel for a whole month without going bankrupt. For those having the same problems, here are some shortcuts for you to do some household chores.


1. Dusting


Instead of using a damp cloth, it would be easier and much faster to use a lint roller when cleaning fabric surfaces. Also, use an old sock when removing dust that accumulated on blinds and tight areas. When dusting, work from top to bottom to prevent contaminating the areas that you have already wiped.


2. Dishwashing


Most of you may have dishwashers that could lessen some of the dishwashing load for you. However, you still have to wash the dishes by hand because they won’t all fit in the washer or the material used should only be washed by hand. To make it easier for you to remove grease and bits of food stuck on them, soak them first in hot water with a bit of the best detergent. This would loosen the food particles and break down the grease from the dishes. It would be best to have a bowl of soapy water in the sink even when you are preparing food so you could easily throw in the utensils you have used.


3. Laundry


Don’t let your laundry pile up. Put in some clothes in the washer as soon as you get home from work. Also, make sure that the other capable people in the house share the load with you.


4. Ironing


Hang your clothes immediately after washing and drying them to make ironing much easier. This would prevent the clothes from creasing even more. You could also try using one of these excellent steam irons. Steam irons are great in reducing the ironing time in half.


5. Decluttering


Invest on more storage spaces for you to keep those things you don’t use often. These can be drawers for your kids’ toys and shelves for books. Make sure that everything has a designated place so it would be easier to put them back when you are done using them. Another really good advice is to get rid of extra things that you do not use. The more things you have in the house, the messier and dustier your home will be. One of the best advice in doing house chores is to do them as soon as possible. Clean as you go to lessen the load.

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