Safe Traveling Tips For Your Baby

Published November 22, 2014

Safe Traveling Tips For Your Baby

A lot of parents reach vast problems when it comes to traveling with a baby. Just because you have an infant to take care of doesn’t mean you must cancel all of your plans. I know several mothers who think that just because they have a 5-month-old to take care of means that they can’t go anywhere – this is not the case. However, there lots of dos and don’ts when it comes to traveling with a baby. Here are some easy steps you can follow to ensure safety for your baby, and a stress-free trip for the baby’s parents.

First of all, the biggest mistake I see people make is their timing. If you have a baby who is a big crier and doesn’t like being in the car, then make sure you hit the road when the baby is sleeping. If you can time it right, once the baby begins a nap, that’s when you should load up the van and head out on the road. It might be in the middle of the night, but this will ensure a smooth, quiet trip for at least a few hours. Once the baby wakes up though, he/she must be comforted right away. The baby will notice the a change in environment and might freak out, this is why you must plan to distract her. Pack lots of toys!

When you’re driving, there are some precautionary measures that you must make to ensure the safety of your baby. First of all, a proper car seat is absolutely necessary – most parents have no issues taking care of this, but it’s everything else than be dangerous. You must buckle everything up. The baby, the crib, and any loose toys especially. You don’t know if you’re going to have to slam on your breaks on your breaks or not, so make sure everything is buckled tightly and won’t go anywhere. Also, just to be safe, make sure someone is sitting next to the baby at all times. Sometimes buckles come lose, so someone should be sitting next to the seat just in case it wants to topple over. Generally car seats are safe enough so a minor fall-over won’t be harmful, but it will disrupt your baby.

So what happens when you have arrived at your destination? The car ride is one task, but actually being on the go is another. A portable crib is absolute must and will definitely make your experience much better if it’s a nice portable crib. Some things to look for in a nice portable crib is that is travels compactly and doesn’t take up too much space, but also that it is easy to clean up and disassemble. This goes for every crib too, even convertible cribs that you might have in your house.

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