Reviews Of 2017’s Best Wooden Train Sets

Published August 30, 2017



If you are looking to get the best wooden train set for toddlers and you don’t know which to pick, we have carefully selected the best pick for you. With the numerous elegant wooden trains, settling for one can be a daunting task. In this list, we have selected four best thomas table top sets according to customer reviews. For the kid’s next birthday party, a Christmas gift or just any surprise gift, you can pick any of these.

KidKraft Waterfall-Train set & Table

This train set is recommended for kids the age of three and above. It is not just for fun time but can be a spice mix with adventures. The set can be expanded to include a variety of other toys. In includes 120 pieces that include a bridge, gas station, a tunnel, helicopter and many more, perfect for creating the desired adventure.
These varieties will help foster your child’s creative abilities and turn their fantasy into reality. It also features a table with 3 removable storage bins and a one and half inch lip and is compatible with major wooden railway brands. Its only disadvantage is that it may not be suitable for smaller nurseries.

Brio-Cargo Railway-Delexe Set

If you are a lover of quality, you can begin introducing your kid with this brio brand. No other wooden train collection matches its high quality and elegant design. If you are looking to conserve space, this is your treat as this train is suitable for confined rooms and all the pieces can be stored in its rack when not in use.
It boasts of 54 pieces including two trains, three cranes, battery powered engine, truck, bridge, cargo, rocks and a crossing signal to provide all the fun you child needs. It also features a special BRIO storage box with latching cover and the engine is powered by 1x A.A 1.5V battery. It is recommended for children from age three and above. Its only disadvantage is the exclusion of AA battery.

Orbrium-Toys Triple-Loop Wooden Train-Set

This wooden train is also recommended for kids of three years and above and is sure to keep your child active all day. It’s packed in 100 pieces including engine, bridge, building, coaches, city vehicles and road signs, trees as well as figurines and is compatible with other railway systems in the market. It also offers versatile track pieces for future expansion.
In addition to enhancing your child’s imagination with the coloured pieces, the set complies with the CPSC’s testing and it has the certification requirements. However, the bridge can sometimes be unstable when built-this is a major disadvantage.

IKEA Basic Train Set

If you are looking to start your child’s train collections, IKEA, is a great way to begin. This set has a great way to develop new skills in children, as they build up new track combinations. It is exceptionally simple but very ideal to engage kids in adventure and help develop their imagination.
Recommended for three years, this set comes with 20 pieces including train, carriages and rails. However, larger trains from other sets may not pass through the tunnel.


As the Christmas approaches, you can add any of your favourite pick to your cart. If you already got a set, you can add to your collection of best train sets.

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