Raising Little Lawyers: Teach Your Kids Logic

Published September 12, 2013
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Every parent wants what’s best for their child. They want them to grow up to be doctors or lawyers. Being a lawyer, ironically enough, is an American pastime. While one could argue that our current litigation happy society actually hurts a lot more than it helps, the point remains the same: people want to be lawyers. It’s a high impact, intellectually stimulating and challenging career that utilizes the mother of all disciplines to make its case in front of a jury of its peers: logic.

Millions of parents every year to dream that one day their child grow up to be a lawyer. Lawyers are synonymous with success and every parent wants their child to be successful. Here are a few tips on how to help encourage your child’s logical abilities so they have a better shot at the dream job of becoming a lawyer.

Are We Born With A Set Level Of Logic And Intelligence Or Can We Enhance It?

There are several great theories with regards to what intelligence is. Regardless of whether you believe in emotional intelligence vs intellectual intelligence or some combination of the two, the point is that a certain level of logic, or intelligence, is going to help you substantially throughout life. It is a very important skill that is enhanced and honed throughout education with courses like critical thinking, research and development, and other fact-based coursework.

As we parents look to brighten our children’s future, we can start with doing fun little things that will help enhance their logical abilities later in life.

Learning A Second Language
Learning a second language actually increases the executive function of the brain. This increase helps bilingual children become better at decision making, distilling information, and concentrating. Essentially, it allows them to cut to the chase and take decisive action upon arriving. This is the makings of a great lawyer. While a slightly higher degree of fluency than hola means hello is needed to obtain this, consistent work on a second language can yield great benefits for children who stick with it.

Games and Puzzles
The brain is a muscle. If you use it, it gets stronger. Playing games, like strategy games, that require logic with your children will ultimately help them think more logically and strategically. This will foster this type of behavior, and in turn create a habit of logical thinking that will help them throughout their life.

What Kind Of Legal Jobs Are There?
If your child doesn’t have aspirations to be a lawyer, there are still several jobs in the legal field that will be well served by a logical person.

Here is a very short list:

Paralegal: A paralegal is a slightly lesser known position than a lawyer. For more information on paralegals, check out this article entitled what does a paralegal do. Paralegals have to be able to communicate and follow lawyers, thus logical thinking is a must!

Legal Secretary: Legal secretaries do markedly different work than paralegals. Unlike the paralegal job description, legal secretaries do more answering the phones, filing paperwork, and general office tasks. They are less likely to partake in legal research or other mission-critical tasks.

Logic is a great tool to have in your tool kit. Kids can help foster their logical or critical thinking skills from a young age. Reading, writing, and arithmetic still rule – but logic is definitely up there. From the ancient Romans to the Greeks, logic has had its place in the history of the world and will continue; as logic would presume.

About The Author: Jeffrey Nelson writes on education, the legal field, and various other topics.

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