Quotes to Inspire Confidence

Published December 31, 2014

Quotes to Inspire Confidence

Life provides many daunting tasks. Many of them are like gigantic walls that sprout up from the ground in front of us and block our path entirely. We might have goals, ideas, achievements waiting on the other side of the wall, but when the wall gets so high we begin to feel helpless – our confidence slipping away. All of us will experience this wall. It is what makes us stronger, it is what defines us and our will power. Will you turn your back and settle with the fact that you can’t get over this wall, or will you start the treacherous climb up and over to get back onto your original path toward your goals?

Either way, you’re going to need confidence. We can truly accomplish nothing in life if we don’t believe we can. I believe that there is no limit to what we can achieve because limitations don’t exist; they are just our mind telling us that we can’t do something. Confidence is a way around this and confidence is going to be what gets us up and over these walls. But confidence, while it is mighty powerful, is very difficult to find and get your hands on. Some will find people in their life to inspire confidence, like family members – brothers. Brothers are many ways un-caped superheroes on our lives, and are a great source for inspiration. I remember looking up to my brothers and being envious of how cool they were and how awesome of lives they had. They are “as close as hands and feet” (Vietnamese Proverb), and just like hands and feet, they never go anywhere.

But maybe we’re unable to draw confidence from our family members; there leaves just one choice – yourself. You must create your own confidence. Some say this is impossible, and that confidence can be received externally by experiencing outside things and drawing in the emotion, but I believe confidence can be created internally. A lot of confidence can be created by having faith in your own identity. Being yourself. Maybe you have people around you that sap your confidence, but “be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” – Bernard M. Maruch

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