Quotes About The Strength of Family

Published December 31, 2014

Quotes About The Strength of Family

In life there are certain bonds we create with certain people. Whether they are close friends, lovers, co-workers, teachers, students, or family. We have the choice most of the time to strengthen these bonds to where we see fit, but one bond that always reminds tight no matter what it experiences is the bond between family members. Whether you are close with your family or not, there is an already-strengthened bond that exists; you just have to find it. I know a lot of people who resent their family, but then they really analyze their life, they realize that their resentment is not hate, but rather confusion. It’s confusion because they have not discovered that pre-existing bond yet.

One of the most obvious bonds you can see is the bond between sisters. Yes, they might say that they hate each other or that they wish the other was never in their life, but at the end of the day they love each other. Sisters go through life fighting an uphill battle, against an opponent that is much bigger than they which causes sisters to have to unite and team up in their struggles through life. This is what keeps the bond between sisters strong and thriving. It’s through these times of unification that you might realize that your sister is your best friend; they are more likely to share their feelings with you, let you into their lives, and ultimately love you. “The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend” – Cali Rae Turner

Family is important, not just sisters, but everybody. Even if you resent them, you must find it in your heart to search for that bond, search for that sense of trust, loyalty, and love. Oscar Wilde once said that “After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations”. Perhaps this is when family is closest; when everyone is at the dinner table, within arms’ reach of everyone they truly love. This is the time when all of those feelings of resentment will slip away and you realize that everyone at that table loves each other, and is not meant to hold any deep negative feelings toward each other.

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