Product Review: Unboxing the Real Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

Published April 11, 2018

The Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece corner desk is one of many types of furniture that are increasingly in demand due to its various advantages.

If you are looking for enough reasons to buy the desk, this article will help you unbox the real Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece corner desk.


The Product Feature and Its Advantages

One of the essential things to do when purchasing anything is going through the product specifications and features; thus, to begin with, below are the main product characteristics that you need to check:

  •    Size

Dimensionally, the desk rules out with 51” (width) x 20” (depth) x 29” (height), and with an overall depth of 51”. This explains why the desk is so popular for minimalists and people who do not have enough space inside their home or office.

  •    L-shaped design

L-shaped desk enables gamers or office workers to become multitasker and productive. The desk’s design offers extra working space; you do not need to add another table to place your phone, printer, or file folder rack. Having an L-shaped desk saves you from:

o    Table overcrowding
o    Spending some time to walk to another room to get what you need
o    Making consecutive work-related errors
o    Work-related accidents

The L-shaped corner desk enables you to develop essential working and gaming skills such as flexibility and multitasking; having your important things within reach gives you the freedom to work around efficiently at your pace.

  •    Space

As mentioned, the corner desk allows you to expand your working space, but this beautiful black glass 3-piece corner desk offers you more than that. Since the desk does not have drawers underneath, it allows you to expand your storage area; for instance, you may place two-three folder rack underneath the table or some mini drawers. Additionally, with the space provided, it also gives you enough leg space, allowing you to stretch your legs efficiently.

Moreover, the desk is designed with smart innovation; here are the reasons why:

o    It was designed with separate keyboard-sliding-compartment.
o    Designed with CPU compartment
o    Designed with sophisticated tempered safety glass
o    Manufactured with quality materials such as strong steel frame which was coated with powder finish, reducing the risk of iron rust infestation.
o    Easy to assemble because of its simple instruction and design

  •    It is aesthetically appealing

The desks color and design can complement any room regardless of its size and interior design. The black glass illustrates sophistication and elegance. The style and the design of the desk transcend trend and modernity.


While unboxing the pros of the product, there really isn’t anything bad about the Walker Edison 3-piece corner desk; however, there are things that need improvement such as:

o    The separate keyboard compartment cannot accommodate standard keyboard size and the mouse.
o    When assembling, tightening the screws can be challenging, you need someone professional or strong individual to have it assembled for you.


The Walker Edison 3-piece corner desk offers a great advantage to gamers and office workers because of its design and style. So, if you want some desk worthy of your money, you should purchase this type of desk.

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