Natural Ways to Increase Platelet Count

Published January 15, 2018


A low platelet count can be treated even with some simple and natural methods. Here are some ways you can increase your platelet count without taking some medication. These natural ways can also prevent the development of complications due to low platelets.


Healthy Diet


You should start with a healthy diet. There are many different kinds of food that can help boost your platelet count and keep your bones healthy and strong. You can find out what foods increase platelets by checking foods that are rich in vitamins K, B12, B9, A and some foods that contain calcium and iron. Green, leafy vegetables, brocolli, lean meat, carrots, raisins, milk, pomegranate, papaya, and beans are just some of the foods that you should include in your diet. Not only would eating right help you with your platelet condition, it would also help your health in general.


Avoid Alcohol


Alcohol is known to disturb a lot of important functions in the body. This includes the production of healthy cells and the normal clotting of the blood. People who tend to drink more than two cups of alcoholic beverages each day are more likely to develop thrombocytopenia (which is the condition wherein the body has low platelet count) than those who consume minimum amounts of alcohol and eat right. If your tolerance of alcohol is rather low, you might want to eliminate drinking alcohol completely.


Go Organic


These days, there are lots of organic products being sold in the market. It is not just food that you would need to consume in its organic form. But, you should also use organic materials especially in cleaning, painting, and using fragrances. You should also use organic fertilizers if you are growing your own garden at home. You might want to avoid using plastic containers to store your foods as they could have lots of toxins that could be transferred to the food you eat.


Avoid Pain Killers


Some pain killers could affect your platelet count and thin your blood. If you use them frequently, you would expose yourself to some bleeding disorders. Try to manage pain naturally first before considering taking some pain killers. You can also talk to your doctor about which pain killers would not affect your platelet count.


Be Careful


If you have low platelet count, you should even be more careful for you not to get injured or infected. Injuries and certain infections can make your bleeding worse. This does not mean that you need to avoid sports and other physical activities completely; you just need to be careful when doing them. If possible, always wear protective gear to reduce the risks of injuries. Also, you would need to protect yourself from possible infections from family members, colleagues and friends. Strengthen your immune system as to be more resistant to different diseases.


Drink Lots of Water


Water is the most natural treatment for many kinds of diseases including low platelet count. Water helps in the production of blood cells. It is recommended though to drink purified water at room temperature to allow faster and better absorption of minerals in the body.

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