Moving into the Future: New Media Prototypes Created

Published May 21, 2014

Technology-and-journalismTechnology is constantly advancing and this is good news for all professions. Especially for the journalist and computer science majors of the world today that wish to make life easier.

What is Computer Science?

The study of computers and how to work on the computer, as well as repair these are referred to as computer science. There are a number of traits a person that desires success in this area should have. One involves the ability the analyze problems and work to find answers.

By using new media prototypes, this can be accomplished with a greater amount of ease for the successful individual.

Computer science majors will always be a necessity in life because of the role he or she plays in the advancement of technology. Technology is continually becoming more advanced and the computer science major is set to be consistently guaranteed steady employment.

What is a Journalist?

A person that is trained to write for a living is referred to a journalist. Many people in this field complete at least four years at a university and some may go for longer periods of time. There are a number of careers the journalist can select from and the key to having the most success in this area may depend on the computer training he or she has, as well. There are well over 400+ journalism programs in the US alone.

New Media Apps to assist Journalists and Computer Science

New media tools have recently hit the market that can benefit these two professions. Listed below are some of these:

1. Baby steps – A new tool designed to create clients by knowing what the target audience prefers.
2. TwConnect – A media tool that helps people connect to build client databases.
3. Buzz- This works to pull tweets to determine pop culture topics in certain areas.
4. Tweetbeat – Provides journalist with ways to keep a close eye on musical beats.

Finally, be sure to learn all of the latest technology advancements when pursing either career. It is ideal to be prepared for social media to assist you if you indeed start your own business to gain more clients. Being a journalist and computer scientist major is certain to benefit you in a number of ways.

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