Mechanical Engineers Are Helping Drive Change For The Better

Published May 26, 2014

mechanical engineeringThere is a great deal of new research and development in the field of mechanical engineering. In the UK 3 researchers will present their research to the Houses of parliament and stand the chance to win the coveted prize of £3,000. The researchers are able to showcase their research to MP’s in Britain. The fact that politicians are showing an interest in mechanical engineering research highlights that this is an exciting time for researchers in this field, allowing their early talents to be recognised and helping to put them in touch with top industries that may be interested in their projects and the practical application of their research.

In the USA there are many mechanical engineering courses to choose from. To become a mechanical engineer you will need a Bachelor’s degree, and if you are interested in undertaking research you will require a graduate degree.

Mechanical engineering involves both technical and scientific subjects and there are many specialisms within this field including areas such as materials science, thermodynamics, and robotics and weapon production.

It is important to identify whether the course you are going to study is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. Top universities include the Massachusetts institute of technology, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology, University of California at Berkeley, Georgia Institute of technology, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, Cornell University, Princeton University and Carnegie Mellon University.

All of these courses are highly commended and there will be subtle differences in the subjects you study and specialisms offered, so it is worth looking at the different course syllabuses.

There are over 300 accredited mechanical engineering courses throughout America so there are plenty of programs to choose from. Mechanical engineers are involved in designing, building, testing, developing and researching mechanical devices. There is a strong emphasis on problem solving, in order to improve existing technology or create new designs. The Bureau of labour exchange says that the average annual salary for a mechanical engineer is $84,770, but it is possible to earn even greater amounts, this is often dependent on experience, specialism and location. Highest salaries are found within the oil and gas extraction specialisms.

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