Knowing What FlipBelt Zippers Are For

Published January 1, 2018


One of the greatest concerns of a lot of runners is how to keep their valuables secure. Obviously, you wouldn’t want a bag to get in the way of your running exercise. However, you still need to bring your money, ID, keys and other necessary items with you even when you jog. Luckily, there is a way to solve all your issues and that is with the use of FlipBelt Zippers.


What are FlipBelt Zippers?


These are secure zipper pockets that you wear as a belt. No, they are not just tight openings in a stretchy fabric like it used to be in its classic counterpart. It also comes with a wider zipper pocket. It works as another option for armbands. However, it carries more stuff compared to running pouches which sits intact on your hips even when you run. With four openings (2 in the front and 2 back), you can secure your key, ID, earphone, water bottle and even speaker on your hips.


FlipBelt Zippers are not only perfect for running. It is also very useful when you travel since you can insert your credit card, passport and other important things in it. Just wear it, simply step into it just like wearing pants and position it on your hips according to your preference. And because it fits very well, you may even forget that it is on your hips. There’s no need to worry that it will bounce either when you sprint, walk or jog. Its zipper pocket and sewn-in-clip will secure your belongings in place. Since it is made of Lycra and Micropoly, it is stretchy, moisture-wicking and quick drying. Belt’s Features FlipBelt Zippers comes in 4 colors including black, aqua, hot pink and carbon. It has four openings and extra secure zipper pocket with an inside key hood. You can use this when traveling, walking, hiking, and biking or every time you would not like to bring bags. Since it is lightweight, it can fit easily into your body and won’t shift or bounce. It can even carry large phones like Samsung Galaxy Notes and iPhone Plus.


How to Use It


All you need to do is to slide it up your body, the same way you wear pants. You have the option whether you want it on top your shirt or under it. Just insert your essentials into its pockets. If you want to be sure everything in it is secured, just turn it inside out after you have closed its zipper. If you wanted to make sure your phone won’t be exposed to too much sweating then secure your phone into a suitable case or plastic pack before inserting it to the FlipBelt Zipper. Once everything has been set up, start running (or walking) and just adjusts it along the way if you want to.




This product is not designed to be adjustable so make sure that you choose the right size. Determine the measurement of the area where you want the belt will stay. And always remember that it has to be tighter. For further information about FlipBelt Zipper, read a FlipBelt Zipper review.

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