Is Teaching In Canada Smooth Sailing

Published November 6, 2013
Is Teaching In Canada Smooth Sailing

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There is no doubt that some jobs that seem to pay so little are so valuable to society. Teaching is that job, whether in Canada, or some other country. This profession can certainly be seen as a highly undervalued area of study by the pay that is awarded to educators.


Many students are seeking degrees online, and a teacher in Canada is able to pursue a portion of their degree through online studies. They have the ability to take two years of their Bachelor’s degree through distance learning programs at an accredited online school.

Once those two years are completed, they can transfer to a four year school and finish out their teaching degree. Otherwise, a teacher can also choose to take a four year degree through online learning and then a two year post baccalaureate degree on campus. Unfortunately for teachers, certain portions of their education must be taken on campus. Attaining this degree can be difficult for individuals that need a more flexible schedule.

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It can be very difficult to determine what a fair wage is for any job. There is no way that a teacher can be paid what their contribution to society is worth. That does not mean that they should become shortchanged in their earnings. For example, as of 2010 in Canada, an elementary teacher starts out with a $34,443 salary and after years of experience, they earn $54,978.

This ranks high higher than many other countries. For secondary education the starting pay is $36,858 and after years of experience it raises to $54,226. When a person works toward a position to teach at the college level, the salary can jump an additional $100,000. Of course there are varying conditions experience by different types of professors which lead to higher pay scales.

For a better understanding of where Canadian teacher’s salaries rank among the nations, go to this article:


No job is bereft of all benefits, and Canadian teachers can cling to these few perks of the job that can help them bare the difficulties they face. Teachers have medical plans that are primarily paid for by their employers, leaving much of their paychecks intact.

Many sick days are given to teachers and they can be stored up if not used, which is a great privilege over other places of employment. They also have the ability to retire at 65 with a full pension.

While a teacher’s compensation can not possibly reflect how much they contribute to society, they can rest assured that their work will not go unnoticed. Humanity would not make it without the passion and sacrifice of teachers everywhere.

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