Is it Hard to Become an Early Childhood Education Teacher in Canada?

Published January 18, 2014
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Are you interested in learning how to become a teacherin an early childhood education center? If so, then you should know that, though becoming an early childhood education teacher does take some work, it’s certainly not an impossible goal. In fact, there is actually a great need for these professionals in Canada, and many jobs are available.

However, the competition for these jobs can be quite fierce, so it’s wise to do everything you can to give yourself an advantage and to increase your chances of landing the job you want.

Obviously, one thing that can help you greatly when it comes to getting a job as an early childhood education teacher is to have a teaching degree. Canada requires two thirds of its early childhood educators to hold some kind of academically obtained qualifications.

These qualifications vary based on the center at which you wish to work, your level of experience in the field, and the exact job title which you are seeking. Teacher assistants, for example, are typically held to less rigorous academic standards than actual teachers.

And, do keep in mind that though not all employees in a given education center are technically required to hold educations in the field, the vast majority of people who are hired will have some kind of formal training. So, don’t think that you can get by without an education; not having some kind of training greatly reduces your chances of being chosen from among a pool of highly qualified candidates.

Furthermore, even if you were able to get hired without formal training, you should know that the demanding nature of the teacher job description will leave you wishing you had some training! No matter how much you love children or enjoy spending time with them, teaching them is difficult. You have to understand the age of child you are working with and how children of that age learn.

Furthermore, you have to be capable of classroom management, and you have to know how to deal with inappropriate or undesired behavior from your charges. You will learn how to do all of these things and more in a good training program, so not only will completing one give you a competitive edge when it comes to landing the job, but doing so will also help you to excel at the job once you’ve acquired it.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the right training is necessary for advancing within the field. Being a teacher could lead into being the coordinator of a center, for example, but in order to be equipped for higher level jobs, you’ve got to have the right training and education under your belt! In fact, in Alberta, early childhood educators are actually considered a skilled worker and due to their profession can immigrate to Canada!

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