How To Use An Instant-read Thermometer For Cooking

Published August 18, 2017

instant read thermometer

Taking temperatures can pretty much be quite confusing at times because you can never tell if you’re doing it right. As there are several types available, it would be helpful to understand how an instant read thermometer works.

What is an instant read thermometer

An instant-read thermometer measures temperature or temperature gradient. It consists of two parts: a means to measure temperature (e.g., mercury) and a means to change that temperature into a readable output. An industrial thermometer now uses a digital display or inputs the reading into a computer. It is also common to find a domestic thermometer with a digital readout.

There are two types of their instant-read thermometer: primary and secondary. A primary instant-read thermometer measures properties of matter such as states of gas. Because there are no unknown quantities being measured, a temperature can be calculated as a constant.

A secondary instant-read thermometer is more commonly found on the consumer market and is easier to use. A secondary thermostat has to be calibrated against the primary thermometer, but after that, it is much more sensitive to temperature change.

How to use one

Before using it to check food temperature, make sure the thermometer is reset. If you’re using a digital instant read thermometer, switch it on and place it in the food. Now, wait for the maigc. Actually, you don’t have to wait much as the device will beep almost instantly, and the temperature of the food would be indicated by the reading on the screen, ready to be noted.

An instant read thermometer like the weber 6492 thermometer can be used with both gas and charcoal grills as it is built to endure those environments. It is an essential accompanient for a barbecue plan as it is the easiest and most convenient way to know whether your food is “done” to a safe extent and the right temperature. Relying on an instant read thermometer is a decision thousands of barbecue enthusiasts have been happy to make.

Things to be careful about

There are a few other things that you should know while using an instant read thermometer. Some of them have a plastic body so never leave it for too long in a hot place. As a rule of thumb, don’t leave them inside an oven while food is being baked. That is likely to damage the thermometer. Also, at times, you may find the device refusing to measure the temperature or show a non-numeric reading. At this time, it would be helpful to check if the battery has reached the end of its life and to replace the battery before using the instant read thermometer again.


Many variations abound for temperature gauging equipment. Once you venture into stores and online retail sites, you will notice what stands out to you. The simplest forms are bulb thermometers. This design usually contains mercury, and the liquid will indicate the rising and falling temperatures as the lamp rises and falls.

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