How to Become a Physical Therapist for a Top Sports Team

Published November 3, 2013

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For those who have a love for both sports and medicine, a great career path to follow is that of a professional sports physical therapist. In this line of work, a person will create treatment plans to help athletes recover from sports injuries. In addition, he or she will work with athletes to help prevent injuries from taking place. Because of the training that is involved in becoming a sports physical therapist, this occupation is not one that can be entered into quickly.

Step 1. Volunteer

A great way to begin one’s career path to becoming a sports physical therapist for a top sports team is to volunteer in some type of health care setting. In fact, almost all sports management programs will require a person to have some type of volunteer work completed before enrolling.

Step 2. Go to College

Once a bit of volunteer work has been acquired, it is now time to obtain formal training through any of the top accredited physical therapy schools. For those who are limited on the amount of time that can be devoted traveling back and forth to a college campus, many of the courses can be completed online; however, it is important to keep in mind, that much of the coursework has to be completed in a hands-on setting.

Step 3. Complete an Internship

During the time that studies are being completed, it is important to complete an internship. Fortunately, most sports therapy programs will connect their students with a variety of internships. It is during this time that networking will take place, meaning students can become connected with many different top sports programs.

Step 4. Complete a Degree Program

Most sports therapy programs will take at least four years to complete; however, to secure a position as an actual sports physical therapist, a graduate-level degree needs to be acquired. The average amount of time that it takes to earn such a degree is about eight years.

Step 5. Obtain Licensure

To become a physical sports therapist for a top sports team, a person will need to obtain licensure. To do this, he or she will have to take and pass the National Physical Therapy Examination. To be eligible to take the exam, proof of an accredited degree must be showed. In addition, a person will have to pay an application fee.

Step 6. Secure Employment

Once a degree and licensure have been obtained, it is now time to step out in the real world and secure employment. It should be noted that becoming a physical sports therapist for a top sports team will take time; however, the more experience that a person acquires, the easier it will be to connect with a professional sports team.

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