How Beneficial Is Hand Quilting

Published November 25, 2017



Quilting is a very productive hobby that you should try out yourself. Take a look at the different benefits it provides you:

  1. It Relieves Stress

These days, stress is one of the main causes of different diseases, even cancer. It’s a good thing that there are lots of ways to relieve stress these days, amidst the busy lifestyle everybody seems to be living. One of them is quilting. Quilting is a crafting art that calms you down and forgets about the worries and problems that could be bothering you. Your mind would be preoccupied with being creative and imaginative to make a beautiful piece.

  1. It Is A Great Hobby For Everyone

Some hobbies such as hiking, biking, dancing and many others, require a certain level of physical fitness in order for you to do them. Making quilts, on the other hand, does not need you to be strong or physically active so you could enjoy it. It can be a great hobby for people belonging to a wide age range. Even old people who are too old to walk around or even physically disabled people can do simple quilting projects on their own.

  1. It Is Affordable

Most crafting projects like quilting are very inexpensive. You would only need some needles, threads, and fabric that can be lying around in the house. You can make use of old clothes that have been stored in the closet for a very long time, old curtains and sheets. If you are creative, you would not need to buy some template designs just to make beautiful patterns on your quilt. Hand quilting doesn’t require expensive machines, as well. (You can¬†check out these great quilting supplies¬†right here).

  1. It Can Be Done Anywhere

Unlike some other things that people enjoy doing, hand quilting can be done wherever you are. You can do it at home, in the office during your break, and you can also take it with you when you go on vacation. Since there is no heavy equipment or electrical machine that needs to be plugged in, you can take your quilting with you wherever you go.

  1. It Is Good For Your Brain

Quilting includes a lot of patterns, geometry, and complex designs. When you create beautiful quilts, you would need to consider the various shapes and colors that can go together and would look nice combined. This thinking and planning help improve the functionality of both sides of the brain since you use your logic and creativity at the same time.

  1. It Helps You Focus And Improve Your Attention Span

Many studies have come out that quilting and doing other crafting projects help people to focus more. These days, kids and adults alike are distracted by so many things because of technology. As a result, they cannot stay concentrated on doing their work or studies for long periods of time. The act of quilting would greatly help in this aspect. Quilting requires you to plan, cut, and put together pieces to finish a project. You become determined in finishing a task to get that sense of satisfaction and achievement.

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