How A Little Education Helps Keep Children Safe

Published December 19, 2016

gun safety and education

In this day and age, there are dangers all around us… especially for children. Children are precious and they need to be protected. Of the many dangers that exist, guns and gun-related incidents are especially gruesome. While not prevalent in pure numbers, the devastation it can wreak on a family is incredible. There are several examples of¬†children finding guns and accidentally shooting themselves.

How Can We Improve Gun Safety For Kids?

Many things can lead to this scenario. In fact, a recent infographic I saw on steps to improve child safety here really lays it out well.

It says the best ways to reduce gun-related incidents in children are:

  • Properly lock up and store any guns that are in the home.
  • Assume a child will find any gun that is not physically secured…
  • Teach kids about firearms in a controlled setting.
  • When children go to another location, ask whether or not guns are in the home.
  • Spread the word!

Expanding on the above points, the most important aspect of keeping children safe is definitely locking up firearms. While there are several ways to do this, the easiest way is to just purchase a high quality gun safe. Gun safes come in all shapes and sizes and from various manufacturers. The same site that had the infographic also has several reviews that could be useful.

When purchasing a gun safe, there are a few key things you want to keep in mind. Here is a short list we compiled:

  • Size of the guns to be stored
  • Size of the safe and/or location the safe is going
  • Do you need/want it to be fireproof?
  • Are you primarily concerned about burglars/thieves or stopping family members or children from accessing the guns?
  • Are you going to be storing anything else in the safe?
  • Do you want a desktop safe, one bolted to the floor, or one that recesses into a wall?
  • How much does the safe weigh and will there be enough support where you plan to store it?

Once we can answer these questions, we’re good to go ahead and start searching for a great gun safe.

What Role Does Education Play?

Education, or point #3 on the list, plays a huge role in gun safety. It’s one thing to secure your own firearms, and you should, but what if a child sees a firearm in the back alley or at a neighbors house. It’s impossible to secure all firearms from children, therefore it’s helpful if they know what to do when they come across one.

There are several sources for gun safety education out there from the NRA to While they vary wildly in their political opinions, these sites aim to help educate people about the dangers of a gun getting into the wrong hands. Both have their audience, and both have value.

What do you think? Comment below if you think we should be doing more to educate the public on gun ownership.

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