Guide to Choosing Travel Mugs

Published January 8, 2018

2Coffee travel mugs are now being used and preferred more often by many because of their numerous benefits. Because of this, a lot of manufacturers are now producing travel mugs of different shapes and sizes. If you are planning on investing in a coffee travel mug for your coffee drinking needs, here are some of the factors you should consider.

  1. Heat Insulation

You want a coffee travel mug that would let you drink hot coffee any time of the day. All travel mugs have insulation system. However, only the best products would let you enjoy hot coffee for hours. These mugs are able to retain heat longer because they have double-wall insulation. This kind of system also works on cold drinks. So, you can still enjoy your beverage, hot or cold, even after hours of preparing it.

  1. Seals

Coffee travel mugs come with lids that help retain the heat. Some low-quality products though do not provide really good leak-proof seals. When you’re traveling you want to drink your coffee with ease, without worrying about spills. You also do not want dribbles of your drink especially when you’re driving on rough terrain.

  1. Size

There are different sizes of travel mugs you can choose from. There are options for single-serve sizes and multiple-serve mugs. Your choice would depend on the amount of coffee and the number of servings you drink each time. If you only need a cup, then opt for single-serve mugs. But, if you drink more than that, you should buy a bigger size.

  1. Shape

Coffee travel mugs also have different shapes. Some are designed to fit in the cup holder of any car. But, if your car doesn’t have a cup holder, you would want to buy¬†coffee travels mugs with wide bottoms. These mugs have non-slip bottoms that allow you to put them on any surface without worrying about them slipping or falling over while you are driving.

  1. Ease Of Use

When you’re driving and you feel like drinking a coffee, it would be a burden if the mug you have would require you to use both hands just for you to take a sip. If you worry about this, you can choose a mug that has a special lid opening so you can drink with your other hand on the wheel.

  1. Material

The life span of a coffee travel mug can depend on the material used to construct it. Most of the most durable ones are made of stainless steel. But, there are also some made of plastics or glass. If you want to reheat your coffee in the microwave, a stainless steel mug would not be a good idea though. Note that not all plastics can be used in the microwave either.

  1. Cleaning

Most mugs should be safely washed in a dishwasher. But, for those that would need to be hand washed, you would want to choose a mug that can be easily disassembled and put back together for easier and more thorough cleaning.

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