Front-Pocket Wallet for Men: Things You Should Know

Published January 21, 2018


Wallets have been around for years and they have been helpful in making sure that people keep their money, IDs, ATM cards, and credit cards safe and organized. They have been part of every woman and man’s daily essentials. For men, they have been used to putting their wallet in their back pockets since they can easily access it. Likewise, it was really designed to be placed there.


However, some problems have been noticed when the wallet is placed in the back pocket. More predominantly, of course, is the noticeable bulkiness at the back. Obviously, such appears ugly but on a more serious note, it had health implications. The presence of the wallet in the back pocket affects the posture of men since one part of the buttocks is raised. As such, men usually feel back pain, and, if not, there will be complications at the pelvic bone in the future.


With that in regard, many men already place their wallets in their bags, side pockets, and front pockets. Amazingly, there are already wallets for men that are specially designed for the front pocket of the pants. The advantages of wearing such are definitely unquestionable.


Benefits of Using Front-Pocket Wallets


One is that the front-pocket wallet will not damage the pants worn by men. That is because they do not create any friction when they sit down. Also, they are very convenient since they are easier to bring out and put back in the pocket. This also makes it less prone to pickpockets and accidental dropping of wallet. According to some reputable reviews of men’s wallets, most front-pocket wallets are more affordable than the traditional back-pocket wallets. Nonetheless, men should still make sure that they evaluate the product well before purchasing one.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Front-Pocket Wallet


Design and Construction


As similar to any other types of wallet, it is always best to consider one that is made of genuine leather. That is because it has been proven to last for a long time, which is owed to the durability of the material. The stitches of the front-pocket wallet should also be checked. Those that have double-stitches are often the ones that do not come off easily. Additionally, a product that has a slim design is recommended so that it will not look bulky when placed in the front pocket.




It should always be remembered that the wallet will contain a lot of things. At times, you may even put receipts in it. Thus, it is better to choose one that has a low weight. That will give more comfort to the user and the pants will not look ugly because of a sagging front pocket.




When we say functionality of wallet, it refers to the ability of the product to carry a lot of things. In that way, the user will no longer have to place some of his things in his other pockets or inside the bag. With that being said, it is always best to choose the one that has a lot of card slots and money compartments, without looking too bulky.

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