Factors To Consider Before Buying Fish Tanks With Different Fronts

Published December 18, 2017

Making decisions on the preferred fish tanks is very relevant since after setting it up and running you will need to maintain it for the longest time possible. The biggest challenge is moving an established fish community and plants as this will require more consideration. You have to ensure you have all the needed information regarding the budget within your capability and your lifestyle. Since there are several styles and shapes on the choice of fish tanks, you will need to know the ones available before you decide to spend money. Aquariums have the same functions and same basic features. The filtering options vary whereas lighting is per your taste and requirements. The available space in your home can help you determine the size of fish tank you want basing on flat vs bow front aquariums at large. Larger spaces can easily accommodate larger aquariums together with their stands.

Bow-front tank

This tank has a curved front shape that offers a bulging effect that creates a unique shape in a very different way. This provides a unique view inside the tank giving it a general attracting design.

  • The disadvantage is that it becomes hard to photograph in the case where you need several shots of the tanks.
  • They are constantly made of glass or acrylic and come in many different sizes as well.
  • They provide an interesting design to your homes.
  • They are space savers and may be your good option in the case you are restricted in space.
  • The bulging creates more room for more water and fish survive in not forgetting the plants
  • The common complains relating to the use of bow-front tanks is the distorted view when observing from the front or acutely from the sides. Even though this is a major hindrance to many avoiding to purchase this type of tank, for others this may not be a bother at all since they get to be interested with the magnifying effect of the tank.

Flat front tanks

These are usually aquariums with a rectangular shape or others may come in square. They are commonly known for their traditional styles that made it easier to fix them on walls.

  • It is the common affordable tank in the market.
  • It does not require large stand to rest on due to its flat front.
  • They are more in demand comparing to the bow-front tanks since they are traditional.

My take

It is totally your opinion on the choice of flat vs bow front aquariums. Knowing what each requires for maintenance and the affordable prices are only what matters especially for beginners. You only find what you look for. Each has its merits and demerits as stated above hence the selection on your decision varies from your interests to what is suitable for you. With this in mind, ensure you have enough room for the tanks to be placed and consider getting strong stands to support the tanks.

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