Entry Level Finance Jobs See Increase In Pay

Published April 7, 2014



This upcoming year for grads maybe looking a bit grey when it comes to job searching. So make sure to bulk up those resumes with plenty of extracurricular activities and past job experience so you are more competitive in the market. Although if you do have plenty of training and past experience when applying for a job you may see a great offer from a respectable firm in your future because they want employees that are ready to work on the floor that do not need much attention.

Entry level finance jobs typically have a solid average beginning offer around $50,000 per year. Although every year the average is dropping by around$1,000; with the economy looking up that should quickly turn around in the upcoming years. Of course with the more experience you have (or less) your offer may change in addition to what firms you may be applying to. In general though if you are qualified and receive an offer it will be somewhere around $50,000 starting out and you most likely will grow from there.

A forensic accounting salary is one of the higher paid starting jobs at around $63,000 a year. Keep in mind though there are plenty of graduates that are applying for these positions but that doesn’t mean they won’t pick you. Some of the qualification that firms are in search for is past experience with a job or internship in the financial sector.

This may include at a bank, accounting firm or even an internship with a CPA. Other qualifications include being a part of financial clubs in college, a solid GPA and possibly experience performing income tax returns for friends and family.

Benefit packages are typically great when entering the financial industry because firms like to stay competitive and attract the best financiers to work for them. These include contributing 401(k), paid time-off, great working environment and paid sick leave. Each firm offers different benefits and may be unique to the specific firm.

If you want a larger take on entry level finance jobs take a look at Top-Paying Entry-Level Jobs For College Grads. Entering the job field after graduating can be difficult to land your first job but continue trying and eventually a firm will see that you have a lot to bring to the table. It may take persistence and determination but it will all pay-off in the end.

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