Dog Days No More!

Published August 19, 2014

dog and ownerAs a dog owner, it is crucial that you instill a positive personality and feeling in your dog. Having a dog that just mopes around, is uncomfortable all the time, and just doesn’t want to be around anybody can really ruin purpose of companionship with a dog. One of the biggest things that dog owners fail with is making sure their dog has enough physical activity. Not giving your dog enough physical activity can put him on the fast track to the description that I just gave. Don’t let your dog have anymore dog days!

Depending on what kind of dog you have your dog will require a certain amount of daily physical activity. For instance, medium sized dogs will need a little more attention than smaller dogs. This is because they’re obviously bigger, they carry around a little more fat, a little more muscle, and need can very prone to becoming obese. Dogs like pugs are a perfect example of this. They are naturally very calm and reserved dogs, so dog owners don’t feel the need to exercise them; this is why the majority of pugs you see are obese. It all comes down to being a responsible dog owner. Take responsibility for the general health of your dog make sure he gets enough physical activity. If you’re unsure how much your dog needs, a standard 30-minutes a day is a good place to start. You can increase it accordingly from there depending on how tired and burnt out your dog becomes.

One of the main reasons people fail to exercise their dog is because of allergies. They can’t go outside with their dog because not only will their dog get allergies, but the owner will too. This is why I always prefer hypoallergenic dogs over non-hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic dogs are dogs that shed very little. While it’s impossible to stop shedding completely, hypoallergenic dogs – like Yorkshire Terriers, Basset Houds,  Poodles, and Basenjis – shed very little and in turn aren’t usually culprits for giving their owners allergies. However, if you are the unfortunate bunch that suffers from dog allergies, this is no excuse to not exercise your dog. Take some Benadryl before you go outside and keep your doggy’s spirits up!

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