Criminal Justice School Says Criminal Justice Is Still A Great Field

Published November 6, 2013

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While most criminal justice graduates go into law enforcement, such as becoming police officers or corrections officers, there are a pleathora of other options to consider when looking at a career in criminal justice. A list from the University of Winnipeg gives quite a large list of options on their website. A few interesting ones are:

  • campus security officer
  • casino security/investigation
  • court reporter
  • credit investigator
  • insurance investigator
  • legal assistant
  • probation officer
  • youth court worker

While there are literally thousands of jobs you can get into by getting a degree in criminal justice, the vast majority of people that go into the field become a police officer. According to, the job outlook for police officers in the Halifax region is fair (2 stars). While that isn’t incredibly encouraging, it’s definitely enough to motivate people to get into the field. Colleges aren’t showing any decrease in applications or graduations in criminal justice in Canada or elsewhere.

Criminal justice is a common field for people coming out of the military who have done this type of work while serving. A large percentage of police officers have some military or other similar type of training in their past. Additionally, people with management backgrounds and military training plus one of the top criminal justice schools in the country (click the link to get advice on how to choose the top schools) will have a huge leg up when looking at advancing into more management type criminal justice positions; police chief, detective, etc.

These higher-paid criminal justice positions really help boost a persons career and make criminal justice a more desireable field. The one knock against a degree in criminal justice is the pay. The average salary for a police officer is between $60,000 and $70,000 in Canada. While this is encouraging, the starting salaries are substantially lower. Other jobs, such as getting into management within law enforcement, do lead to much higher salaries. Additionally, branching out on your own and becoming a consultant in a field like casino investigation or free lancing as a legal assistant/paralegal can also create opportunities to have a fantastic and well-compensated career.

These are just a few of the many opportunities available for someone who is interested in criminal justice as a whole. Many thousands of jobs exist under the auspice of criminal justice; including those that are better served with two degrees. An example of this is forensic psychology. A forensic psychologist with a double-major in criminal justice and psychology will have a lot of opportunities to find work as well as truly be an expert on both ends of the spectrum within their field: psychology and forensics.

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