Compression Socks: Pros and Cons of Using Them

Published January 20, 2018

4If there is one common fad that we can see among gym rats, runners and athletes these days, it is wearing similar tight-fitting undergarments, a compression gear. However, everyone has been wearing compression clothing for many decades now. Compression socks, for example, are seen in patients having diabetes of venous disease. You can even find the best compression socks for nurses in stores these days. This is also worn by airplane pilots to help them combat effects of prolonged sitting to their blood circulation. Sitting for a long time can cause a formation of blood clots which can cause serious problems over time. Similar socks are found to be very useful for athletes too, the same way they are with other active people. Hence, these socks have become an essential part of many people’s gear.

Below are some of the advantages of using compression socks:

  1. They effectively help with anyone’s recovery.

Knee high compression socks are snug fitting. Hence, they can help promote circulation as well as the lactic acid build-up. As such, there will be a healthy flow of blood and oxygen for faster recovery of muscles. Compression gears are often worn by runners and athletes when they play and race.

  1. For added protection

Working and playing outdoors can sometimes cause you to have mud covered legs. Sometimes, even worse can happen like bruises and scratches. But by wearing compression socks, your legs are covered, hence they are protected. The socks become an additional layer that also protects the skin from sunburn, especially those that come with SPF in the fabric.

  1. Offers a variety of styles.

Compression socks have a variety of colors. Hence, whether you a neon or black one, you can always find what you are looking for. They are made with different fabrics as well such as Lycra, Spandex, nylon, CoolMax, wool, polyester and many more. Some are even made for those who are sensitive to certain types of fibers.

As with other kinds of products, compression socks have sets of disadvantages as well. Among these are as follows:

  1. Feels too tight.

Compression socks have a tight fit. Hence, some people who are not used wearing this may feel restricted and uncomfortable. Certain body types may not work with optimal pressure points offered by compression socks as well.

  1. Can be itchy and drying to skin

Some skins are very sensitive. They can grow itchy ones they sweat without the opportunity to air dry. If you have this type of skin, better apply a moisturizer first before wearing the socks and after wearing them. It is also best to ask advice from experts and do more research before wearing compression socks.

  1. Uncomfortable

Covering your legs with an additional layer of fabric can be unbearable to some people, especially during hot weather. Compression clothing is meant for one to wick sweat. And some would rather want to air their skin out rather than just staying uncomfortable all the time.

Compression socks may have its downsides. However, it is always worth bearing all the discomfort it offers as well as it means having a healthy circulation as well.

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