Common Dress Codes For Schools

Published August 12, 2014


Common Dress Codes For Schools

It is important to remember when you study at school, that it is not only grades which are important but also overall behaviour and self presentation. Quite often lecturers and tutors from school will write your reference, either to enable you to get into higher education or to enter the job market. Although your grades are important, when writing references tutors also provide a reference about you personally.

The best way to get a good reference, aside from studying very hard, is to have a smart tidy appearance. Tutors are not expecting you to turn up to lectures in a suit or tie, but good hygiene practices can go a long way. If you have a beard remember to keep it neat and tidy using a beard trimmer, looking like Hagrid from harry Potter will not score you good points. If you prefer the clean shaven look remember to prepare your skin accordingly and shave on a regular basis. There are lots of excellent gadgets available and it is worth researching the ones within your price range.

Remember to dress accordingly for class, smart-casual is the look to head for. Try and avoid clothes that are too big and baggy, or clothes that are in poor repair- full of holes and rips. Each school will have its own particular dress code and you should pay attention to rules and regulations . The sorts of clothes which may not be permitted may include items of clothing such as sweat pants, spandex shorts and logo’d clothes. There is an expectation that students will dress appropriately and not wear clothes which are too revealing or provocative.

Pay attention to hairstyle, a bright orange mohican may get you noticed for the wrong reasons. If you find regular trips to the hairdressers a bit too expensive for your budget then it may be worth considering shaving your hair off. Whether you decide to trim it down to a grade 3 or go for the totally bald look, there are gadgets that can make this an easy option for you. Having very short hair is an easy style to maintain.

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