Colombian-Canadian Ties Strengthen, Culture Shines Through

Published November 5, 2013

April 22, 2010, the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages signed an agreement to increase culture cooperation between Colombia and Canada. These two C’s may seem like an odd pair, however surprisingly there is a lot of ties between Canada and Colombia. As the article states:

Colombia has a dynamic economy and strong growth potential. These cultural exchanges will help strengthen our ties, while providing mutually beneficial exchanges.

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The onslaught of South America and it’s robust economies is forcing the world to take a closer look. From Brazil to Colombia, South America is coming alive and will be a major player in the world economy as we unfold more and more of the 21st century. Colombian culture is full of interesting facts and is a rich part of it’s heritage and is something Canadians want to understand as their bond grows stronger encouraging trade in the coming years. These exchanges, which will help foster cultural and linguistic understanding, will help young people get acquainted to other areas of the world.

Also from the same article, the following statement was taken:

This cooperation program is helping promote and implement the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, mainly with regard to its international cooperation provisions.

This cooperation will help foster educational benefits as well. As the countries grow closer, opportunities for people learning Spanish or other languages will arise to be part of this great initiative. Additionally, English-speakers from Colombia will see more job opportunities working with an in these exchanges. A main goal of this whole process is to help foster language abilities as well as help Colombian Canadians stay connected to their rich culture.

Living in two worlds can be confusing; learning two languages at once from birth, as many Canadians due, can bring on unique problems as well as identity issues for immigrants and their families. For Colombian Canadians, these exchanges will serve as a way to help stay connected to their heritage and help immigrants teach their future generations all about where they came from without having to foot the bill for an expensive ticket.

While Colombian Canadians will most certainly benefit from these exchanges with Colombia through help educating their children on their former heritage, so will Colombia, perhaps moreso, benefit fromt he new ties with a powerful country like Canada. Colombia is South America’s third largest exporter of goods, and Canada has a huge economy that consumes a lot of goods. Colombia has also made a lot of recent steps to help clean up it’s act as far as crime and corruption go through political changes that will help encourage and empower a law enforcement revival in the country.

Colombia’s new deal with the Canadians, and continued relationship, will help get it out of the funk it’s been in for the last several decades. Peru now being the leading exporter of cocaine, Colombia needs to look for a different category to dominate; this time hopefully a desireable one. Steps such as the one with Canada will certainly help them attain their goals to help legitimize them as a world economy.

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