Choosing The Right Dog

Published June 21, 2014

Choosing The Right Dog

So you have finally made the decision to get a dog, which is a very big decision to make. The hard part is finding the right dog for your lifestyle and accommodation. Every dog owner that you speak to will rate their own pet dog breed as being the best, making it very hard to choose.

To start with you need to think what size dog you would like to get; part of this decision process may involve what size accommodation you have, and what size car. Try to envision yourself walking a dog and see what image springs to mind. The next thing you need to think about is how much exercise you can give your dog; some breeds need lots of long walks, whilst others are suited for a more leisurely stroll.

You need to consider what family members are at home and what other pets you may have. If you have young children you are best to avoid excitable breeds.

Once you have narrowed these few factors down it can make it easier for you to make a decision. Whichever breed you decide on it is worth researching to find out what their common characteristics are.

If you are after a smart breed dog you may consider dogs such as the Bernese mountain dog, a Border collie, A Vizsla or a weimaraner. Smart dogs require lots of interaction otherwise they can get easily bored and sometimes destructive to property. Make sure that you will have lots of time to play with your dog and provide lots of stimulating toys and exercise. Smart dogs can make excellent companions but is important to make sure they are properly trained.

If you are considering a large breed dog, there are plenty to choose from. Large dog breeds can make excellent family dogs. Types of large dog include Labrador retriever, Irish wolfhound, Great Dane, Alaskan malamute and Bernese mountain dog. That’s just a tip of the iceberg of large dog breeds, so again it is good to research traits and characteristics of your dream dog.

When going to get your dog look closely at how it interacts with others, try to get as much information about the dogs parents as this can tell you a lot about your chosen dogs personality.

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