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Raising Little Lawyers: Teach Your Kids Logic

Published September 12, 2013

Every parent wants what’s best for their child. They want them to grow up to be doctors or lawyers. Being a lawyer, ironically enough, is an American pastime. While one could argue that our current litigation happy society actually hurts a lot more than it helps, the point remains the same: people want to be lawyers. It’s a high impact, intellectually stimulating and challenging career that utilizes the mother of all disciplines to make its case in front of a jury of its peers: logic. Millions of parents every year to dream that one day their child grow up to […]

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Adopt A Grandparent Program Helps Seniors & Teaches Kids The Value Of Volunteering

Published August 27, 2013

A major problem experienced by the seniors living in the Grant Park neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia, when Linda Langstraat moved there 30 years ago, was crime, which many seniors experience in many other locations even today. One of the easiest ways to prevent future crime is to involve children in the lives of the elderly today. One way to do this is for Adopt-a-Grandparent programs to be implemented. Children and the elderly are paired together, and both benefit from their interactions. Children learn about things that no longer exist, and grandparents feel accomplished in being able to pass something down […]

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