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Top 5 Vacations That Students Take

Published September 21, 2014

You as a student would probably have reached the point where you think all your brain cells are already fried because of all the academic pressure you encountered. The best way to forget about this of course is to unwind and for you to relax by going in a vacation. To give you a little idea on what are the best vacations destinations, here is some information for you. The Beach Whether you will be surfing or swimming or just lay on the sand to have a tan, you will definitely enjoy going in a beach. The relaxing sound of […]

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What every Sportist should know about his Body

Published May 21, 2014

Participating in sports can be fun and a great way to stay active. However, the more active a person is, the higher the possibility of an injury occurring. The sportsman should know specific types of injuries and ways to treat these injuries when occurring. What are Sportsmen? Men that participate in a variety of sports are referred to as sportsmen. These may include football, hockey, rugby and a number of others. Various men will play on a team with others and work to win the sport that is being played. Ideally, the person that is participating is sports should be […]

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How Would Education Be Affected By Service Dogs In The Classroom?

Published February 28, 2014

In the last fifty years, service dogs brought new value meaning to the term “man’s best friend”, providing disabled people with new opportunities. While federal law in Canada has long protected the rights of physically disabled students to bring service dogs into schools, the law is unclear for other types of therapy canines. Recently, behavioral therapists working with autistic-spectrum individuals found dogs improved afflicted students’ ability to succeed in the classroom. Though service dogs for autistic students are still often barred from classrooms, with a few considerations they may soon become a more commonly accepted classroom intervention. In the past […]

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Education Spending By Country – Where Does Canada Rank?

Published January 30, 2014

According to the UN, around 33 percent of the world’s population is involved in academics, accounting for ages 6 through 23. At $809.6 billion per year, the United States spends more on education than any other country; yet doesn’t pay it’s teachers top dollar (especially in states like Texas and Pennsylvania). After the United States, the UK, Germany, France, Russia, Mexico, Brazil and Japan spend more than Canada on education each year. Canada spends approximately $65.4 billion on education per year. Despite these totals, a closer examination of these annual expenditures indicates that Canada may actually be one of the […]

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Mexican Youth Want To Work In Canada, But Not Vice-Versa

Published December 27, 2013

Canada and Mexico have an exchange program called the International Experience Program where the youth from each country heads off to the other country for a short time while they work and experience life in a foreign land. This program is administered by the British Columbia Council For International Education, and is aimed at expanding the cultural horizons of youth from both countries. An issue, however, appears to be that most of the traffic goes one way; Mexico to Canada. Why is this? Possible Reasons Canadians, and English-speaking youth in general, as hesitant to go out of their comfort zone and experience new […]

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Canada Looking To Attract New Students From Latin America

Published December 7, 2013

Photo take from: http://mwengo.org/fun-interesting-facts-guatemala-central-america/ Canadian universities are among the finest in the world, and Canada is one of the most sought after countries to get into when looking at options for higher education. In fact, the number of immigrants studying at universities in Canada is growing by leaps and bounds. Minister Jason Kenney announced the following back in May : “We plan to grow the economy and create more jobs by attracting an increasing number of visitors and the world’s best and brightest talent to Canada.” Apparently, they are having some success. The number one importer of intellectual talent into […]

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Bilingualism In Canada Hurt By Budget Cuts, Still Worth it?

Published November 5, 2013

According to an article by the Huffington Post, Canadian bilingualism is being hurt by budget cuts. Bilingualism is often times seen as a luxury instead of a necessity here in the western hemisphere which makes it a prime target to whack when extra funds are needed to allocate to more important things like scientific studies on whether or not a parrot could survive for 3 or 4 seconds on the planet Mars. Regardless of your politics, parents of would-be bilingual children all over Canada are wondering whether or not it’s worth it to try to raise a bilingual child when […]

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CGE Says Canadian Kids Need More Geography In School

Published October 23, 2013

According to Canadian Geographic  Education, children in Canadian public schools today are lacking in what they call geographical literacy. Established in 1993, the CGE’s main aim is to: …strengthen geographic education in the classroom. Geography, once a staple subject learned in school, has waned recently with the introduction of more advanced methods of exploring our earth; namnely the internet and other digital products that make finding this information much easier than busting out the old map or atlas. Additionally, CGE goes on to say: In addition to increasing the emphasis on geography within the school system, Canadian Geographic Education endeavours […]

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Teaching Kids To Code At An Early Age

Published October 10, 2013

Whether or not your child is destined become the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, teaching your children to code provides them with practical and useful skills for their future. Computer programming teaches children essential communication, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Since young children often absorb information very easily and are inquisitive about technology naturally, there is no better time than the present to engage his or her curiosity of computers. Get started teaching your kids how to code with the following fun games and apps. 1. Magic Pen For younger kids that are just starting to learn, it […]

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What Do We Need To Do To Protect Our Children From Dogs?

Published October 8, 2013

In almost every place in the world, humans and animals coexist. From the very beginning, humans have counted on animals to survive. For thousands of years, animals have been domesticated to help humans in every aspect of life from transportation, work, and protection to companionship. Where then do we draw the line with regards to safety. Earlier this year, a Cochrane boy was attached by a pit bull. According to a story in the Calgary Sun Newspaper, the boy was sitting on the floor playing some games and the dog, out of nowhere, lunged at the boy and ripped off […]

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