Canadian Intelligence Degrees Are A Viable Option

Published February 3, 2014
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Intelligence degree options are beginning to be more widespread throughout the higher education institutions in Canada. Although this degree is not often talked about, it can be a viable degree choice that prepares students for many types of careers.

The Development of Canada’s Intelligence Degrees

Canada has been one of the first countries to adopt the intelligence degree as an option. While institutions around the world generally offer courses related to intelligence, few schools have degrees dedicated to the topic.

Canada is more progressive than its neighbor to the south, the US, in terms of developing intelligence programs. The CIA in the US doesn’t require a specific degree, and students are drawn from a variety of backgrounds. Agents can come from almost any degree program, although service careers in more hands-on roles like the secret service do favor more practical degrees and experience.

While this can create a well rounded group of individuals, agents coming from very different backgrounds have a lot of catching up to do when they first enter the agency. Intelligence programs like the ones developing in Canada give students a more concentrated knowledge base that gives them a head start in the field.

Course of Study

An intelligence degree collects some of the brightest students and prepares them for various careers in the intelligence sector. The focus is on building better creative and analytical thinkers, especially with regards to the intelligence system. Background knowledge in international relations and government is built, while students are given the chance to think about real world security and intelligence problems and attempt to come up with solutions.

By having four years of school to train and become well versed in, the relevant topics, students become excellent candidates for a position in intelligence.

Why Choose an Intelligence Degree?

The obvious person to choose an intelligence degree is one who hopes to work in the intelligence sector in the future. However, the degree can prepare a student for careers in many other fields. With its background in quantitative analysis and critical thinking, students could see themselves in research or analysis positions.

Criminal justice or law is another sector that could apply to graduates of an intelligence degree program. The applications of the degree are not yet established, since it is a fairly new program in the country.

However, this creates ample opportunity for students to carve their own paths with the degree. In other words, an intelligence degree is a great, viable option with plenty of opportunities to grow in the future.

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