Canadian Education Needs To Go High-Tech To Meet Demand

Published December 6, 2013

Certain industries in Canada are growing. They are booming. The demand is outpacing the supply, and the inflow of recent graduates is probably not going to be able to feed the need in the near future. The Huffington Post recently put out an article on the top jobs in Canada. Some of the results are very surprising.

See the article here:

As we can see, certain sectors are growing fast. How Canada’s education system responds to this is crucial. Whether you believe the government has a role to play or not, there are certainly things they could do to help encourage the growth.

Enter online education.

Online education is certainly not the end all be all of Canada’s education predicament, but it is a start. Online courses, degrees, and programs need to get ramped up to help assist the on-campus programs in churning out enough qualified people to fill these employment holes.

While online education isn’t exactly appropriate for all degrees, it definitely serves a purpose. For those dreaming of becoming crime scene investigators, you may have to wait a while before technology catches up enough to do that from a distance. However, other programs, perhaps more administrative in structure and less hands on, are well-suited to do from afar.

Without a clear path, or an online education initiative as calls it, Canadians will continue to be restricted by their physical location in their schooling; and Canada is a big place. For reasons discussed in the article, which I won’t rehash here, Canada has some significant challenges in rolling out it’s online education platform to compete with the rest of the world. In the US and England, for example, online degrees are much more common place.

Opportunities In Canada

One opportunity that jumps out is in paralegal studies. An online paralegal degree wouldn’t be overly burdensome logically, meets a rising demand, and will most likely become more and more popular as time goes on due to the recent ruling that paralegals can, in some instances, represent clients under the supervision of attorneys.

Other examples of good candidates for online degrees would be:

  • Finance Degrees
  • Business Degrees
  • Computer Science Degrees
  • Web Development
  • Graphics Design
  • Many others…

Unfortunately, some shortages will have to be met by on-campus schooling and other traditional methods. One that comes to mind immediately is the doctor shortage Canada is experiencing. While technology is great, and has advanced beyond belief, there is still a need for certain professional degrees to be taught face-to-face. Medical doctors still fit that description. But other degrees, as mentioned above, are a different story.

It’s time to get into the 21st century and increase the opportunity for everyone to study their degree of choice, regardless of location.

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