Canada’s Top Law Schools: Leading The Way In Legal Education

Published September 14, 2013
top 3 law schools in canada

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Canada has many law schools that turn out great lawyers. While there is certainly no shortage of candidates or successful prospects, the job market may actually look quite different. Canada is facing some of the same problems in their legal field that the United States is; tons of graduates, fewer and fewer jobs, downward pressure on pricing by demanding clients, and less job security overall.

Even with this going on in the market place, many young, smart, enthusiastic and energized future-lawyers are ready to tackle the debt, work load with endless hours of study, and risk to make their dreams come true. If you are one of those people, the three law schools listed below will be of special interest.

1: University of Toronto

Topping the charts of the Canadian law school rankings, the University of Toronto is the current top dog in Canadian law education. Located in Toronto, ON Canada, the school was founded in 1887 however was refined and modernized in 1949.

Dean Mayo Moran seems to be keeping that refining and improving spirit alive, stating:

“Recent refinements to the curriculum in the J.D. program further ensure that our students receive the very best legal education from their first day at the Faculty.”

With the new building ready in 2013, the University of Toronto is likely poised to continue it’s reign as #1 for the forseeable future.

2: York University – Osgoode Hall Law School

At #2 on the list, Osgoode is honored to receive over 3,000 applications per year, however they are only able to accept about 290. With less than 10% of the applicants getting in, acceptance is very competitive. 84% of the accepted applicants come from Ontario and around 21% enter with additional graduate degrees.

If you’re feeling lucky, and looking to get into a law career, you can learn more and apply for the law school here.

York University has a long tradition of being a great school in Toronto, Canada. The Osgoode Hall Law School is helping bolster it’s already great reputation by running a fantastic program.

3: University of British Columbia – Allard Hall Law School

Allard Hall has made big gains in graduate quality national reach and graduate quality faculty hiring in the recent years. Their continued effort to hire the best faculty and extend their national reach has served them well and has helped them climb to their number 3 overall position in Canada.

UBC’s law school dean says it has become one of the…

“…best law schools by providing exceptional legal education, with a comprehensive and progressive curriculum that emphasizes foundational knowledge, innovative research, and the skills needed to succeed in the legal profession and beyond.”

While still highly competitive, this is one school that needs to be on any aspiring lawyer’s shortlist.

The legal field will be around forever. Lawyers are necessary, and becoming more so by the day. Litigation runs wild, and lawyers are often needed to help sort out the various minute details in our nefarious world. The whole field, in fact, is growing and is slated to continue its growth through 2020 and beyond. While numerous ways exist to become successful in whatever position you desire within the legal field, a great education is generally a prerequisite to finding lasting success.

If you’re desire is to get into a legal career, whether you want to be a lawyer, a judge, or even a paralegal, the result will be the same: a satisfying, albeit competitive, career where you really can make a different. A good place to start is one of the three schools on this list.

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